Next Manager out?

Is it too early to start calling for Next Manager to be removed? He isn’t here yet but I’m baffled by his potential selections, square pegs in round holes, what about his formation choices I’m not sure if he will have recruited for 442, 343, 532 or 4131 as we won’t have the players for any of them and he may well lose the dressing room at some point in the future.




Very embarrassing if i may say so

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? :woozy_face:


No, everyone gets the joke, it just wasn’t funny :joy: had a mare.

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We are in no danger of relegation, either. We are just in a continual 25 year cycle so cannot possibly be relegated, no matter how poor we are :rofl::rofl:


Just bumping this thread.
Still not sure about the next bloke.
He hasn’t even had one decent spell of games yet and I don’t think I’m going to like his post match analysis. He’s got to go, at some point.

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He’s gorra gew.

To be fair, the crowd aren’t on his back yet and he hasn’t dropped Smith for Evans … He might be great.