Next seasons away kit

Nice to see the club getting fans involved in the design of next seasons away kit! What’s everyone’s preferences? I always think the white kits look smart personally, maybe a buttoned collar.

I quite like Bristol City’s kits with the pinstripe design, could be something different! Have we still got another year with Errea or will we be able to change manufacturer for next season?

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Something radical to get some media attention.
Too many boring kits

Errea deal up this year, I understand we won’t be entering a new deal with them.

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Hummel or Castore would be nice :ok_hand:

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Thought castore have had a few problems with kits ripping etc

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Scrap that then! Are Beaver still knocking about :joy:


Sky Sportswear would be my choice.

Maybe abit of the the poundland influence on the next away kit :money_mouth_face:

Wouldn’t fancy a castore kit clinging to my stomach :laughing::laughing:

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What about approaching LUKE regarding the kits and other clubwear? Or maybe after how we messed that one up a few years ago, he won’t be interested!

Home shirt red keep the hint of green on home and away as a point of difference
Away shirt white
Third shirt that’s the kit to play with, we had Argentina and Barca look alike I loved the sound of yellows yellows coming off the terraces in the past
How about a checked shirt in memory of Chris Nichol but as we wouldn’t be able to have red or white in the third kit how about a black and green one
I will put my tin hat on

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Something like this, but replace the Statue of Liberty with Sister Dora?


Something of similar quality to the retro kits they released in November.

Bought the Red and Blue one and i love it, wear it to away matches and had five people at train stations ask me if I’m a Crystal Palace fan :smile:


Always liked 1975 Fulham cup final shirt for style.

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George Asda, fruit of the loom or on that ass please

My alltime favourite away top.


Why dont we get the Walsall Hippo involved!

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Prefer the hippo personally. Maybe with the ‘New Art Gallery’ in the background :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

I loved that one too. I was about 10 or 11 at the time, things like kits seemed to be more important at that age. I remember seeing it for the first time winning at Bristol City first game of the season, and begging my Dad to get it for me. Had to wait several weeks for it to come in at Jan Websters. I think the first game I got to wear it was a 1-0 at Bristol Rovers. Happy Days they were.


We wore sky blue and white stripes and black shorts in the 70s. Looked dead smart. Think we wore it to arsenal away in the Cup. Someone may confirm.

That would be nice