Next Walsall manager

Clarke’s gone to port vale and I say good riddance. Who Would you like to see come in either now or at the end of the season . And what style of play and direction would you like the club to go in.


I have no idea.

Someone who knows the division and knows how to organise a team.

What’s Jan Sorensen doing nowadays?

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We’ve already announced a stop-gap of Dutton until the end of the season. Need to give him a decent crack of the whip first before deciding whether to stick or twist after that.

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Get mr Hibbitt back he knows the division :grin:

Ned Kelly would obviously be very popular. Does anyone know if Ned has a particular football philosophy? He was Smiths assistant for a while, so it would look like he shares Smiths ideas.

If so, and if Ned is happy to come, then Ned as next manager please.


We need someone who is cheap and can make money from tat, gotta be Jay Blades from Money for Nothing…

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Interesting to see if we go down the route of Sadler/Llera or go for a Keith Curle type appointment

Dean Holden won’t last much longer at Bristol City the way he’s going.

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Tisdale or Cowley for me but both pipe dreams.

Cowley yes, Tisdale no.


Someone who tries to play decent football and develop kids the right way.

Don’t think we’d improve at all tbh but at least it would be worth watching.


Dean Smith, 10 years younger version, would be good. I.e. someone who wants to develop young players, not exactly from nursery, but players who tried once and were deemed not good enough somewhere else.

Cowley brothers for me. Know the division and one above and worked miracles with Lincoln who you would think are of similar stature to us. Hopefully Jimmy Walker can put in a good word.

Pipe dream, possibly, but they didn’t last long at Huddersfield so opportunities higher up the leagues may not be forthcoming.


I wouldn’t be adverse to Mat Sadler. He is a bright coach with ambitions to become an established coach/ manager.

He is local. He knows the football club (warts and all). He understands the dynamic of the playing personnel. He is well respected and understands the importance of developing players, particularly young players.

He would need an experienced assistant, someone like what Richard O’Kelly was/ is to Dean Smith.

We desperately need a longer-term plan. Someone like Mat Sadler could be a key part of this.


We need someone who is going to get back to playing football through the midfield.


Just playing football would be a start instead of just lumping it forward


Did anyone SEE the list of managers that were toted around on the Sky bet odds checker?
There wasn’t a great deal to choose from, and in all honesty i expect the cheapest option to be appointed.
And even if they are appointed until the end of the season, i don’t expect anyone remotely talented and ambitious to be interested in the job.

Richard Money


What odds are they giving for Big Sam, Pulis or Pardew coming in to give us a footballing identity and boost ticket sales?

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