NoFo Brew Co Warm Up Tops

Now available to pre order:

£43! Extortionate.

Same price as a first team shirt. Would you pay £43 for the training top?

If you bought a home / away / third shirt for the same price, but wouldn’t pay for this one, why?

Personally, that’s a piss take.


Aren’t the training tops usually about £20/25?

No chance should be around 25 quid max

I’d buy one at £20-25. £43 is ridiculous.


Echo what folk on here have already said. £43 for a training top - thanks, but no thanks.

Be suprised if they even sell one.

Might pay up to £30 but £43 is a joke.

Hopefully they sort out the merchandising as some of the stuff is market stall tat. I’m sure this is good quality just very pricey for a t shirt

Glad I’m not the only one who balked at the price.

Agree with most comments above

Who’s signed the pricing off on this?

Mole probably

It’s a no from me at £43! £20/£25 May have swayed me but I’m out


Hopefully not a sign of things to come with price rises on everything

About £25 but had no sponsors on

They obviously haven’t done their homework on the fan base

No Fo way am I paying that much!


A lot of money for a bit of cloth. Need deep pockets for this.

Ridiculous price. Need to completely rethink that WFC. In fact given the cost of living problems at the moment could go as far as saying morally repugnant!

Why would anyone want one of these?.. I don’t get it

£43 :man_facepalming:t2:

I’d get one at £25, but :soccer: :basketball: to that

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