NoFo Brew Co Warm Up Tops

He’s a troll who’s trolling my friend.

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I know but he’s semi amusing

A semi as in? :laughing: :wink:

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We should all wait until they have to sell them half price in August

Premium? I don’t think so.

It’s a training top with some more letters ironed on.

Thought I heard a rumble :thinking:

A framed top in every one of crodleys 10 bedrooms I reckon and he’ll even be grouting in one Sunday afternoon just to rub it in.

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Can’t see him rubbing grout in with a premium leisure wear top.

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Exactly its hardly Nike is it?

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Is Nike premium?

better than Erea


The reason you do pre-orders is to test out demand and pricing, then use the pre-orders as the initial order already paid for so you are taking little to no risk and place any subsequent order based off that information.

There will usually be a minimum initial order with the manufacturer, if the demand is so poor you are nowhere near that, you consider whether to not place it and issue a refund for any orders place.

Given the outrageous ripp off price and the overwhelming response to this I wouldn’t be suprised if the next communication on these is either a price reduction or that they will no longer be available due to minimum orders not being reach(or due to some issue with the manufacturer or shipping process etc if you want to save face).


That’s what they said about New Coke. It’s all mind games. :wink: