Nothampton Away

1st match on 3rd August
Scunthorpe away on boxing day


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Quite happy with that - localish, so we should take a good following

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a couple of nice weekends away at the end of august.
plymouth on 24th August and
cleethorpes on 31st (edit) sorry I was over excited by the thought of spending a weekend in Cleethorpes - they are at our place on 31st.

Meh, was more about Boxing Day to be fair.
I’d have preferred that tricky fixture first.

It’s not exactly a local fixture on boxing day is it. Fans not considered again.

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Have to wait for delights of Cleethorpes until April 13th!

OOOPs yes just noticed that we’ve got Cleethorpes at home on the 31st.
Getting too excited there!

Now it’s there in black and white…christ what a depressing league this is. No “glamour” away trips like Sunderland or Sheffield United.

Ones away I wanted to do…Newport (on a Tuesday night seemingly so off the list), Cheltenham (would be a lovely trip in August or end of the season, in the depths of January instead). Mansfield away would be a nice early on…March 21st which may be an international weekend. Orient away also on international weekend.

League 2 will be bundle of fun by looks of it.

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Salford away on 4th Jan is a bit of a pain too.
Oldham away on a cold Tuesday night at the end of October

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Exeter away four days before xmas.

All the more reason to go on international weekend when there’s no other football!

Cleethorpes one is on Easter Monday by looks of things.

Bradford away last game of the season, hope we have nothing riding on that game :roll_eyes:

yeah I admitted I got it wrong earlier they’re at our place in August

Well if Maz gets fit again, Kinsella stays and Chambers gets called up to England over 35s there’s your three international “superstars” so off to midweek we go with those fixtures…

Yeah hopefully Orient will stay on the Saturday. First away trip of the season by looks of it.


They’ll probably sign James Hanson on emergency loan the day before that game!

An easy one for me to get to on last day of the season so happy with that, as is Scunthorpe on Boxing day. Disappointed that the Cotswolds games are in the depths of winter.

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Forest Green on a saturday, that’s alright. Hopefully Nailsworth won’t be 7ft under in early February.

It doesn’t matter when we play Oldham, it is always effin freezing.