Notts County (A) 20th July, 3pm

"Let the young Lambs bound,
As to the tabor’s sound!"


The Saddlers continue their pre-season preparations by saying farewell to the delights of Poland and visiting Meadow Lane Nottingham, the home of the oldest professional football club in the world, sadly relegated from the Football League a couple of months ago.

County’s problems appear to lie just as much off the field as on - only today the Nottingham South MP used Prime Minister’s questions to ask for an investigation into the financial circumstances surrounding the club. Notts are due back in the High Court on July 31st, when they could be liquidated because of an outstanding tax bill. The players and staff have not been paid in weeks,(here we see the benefits of being a “well-run” club?) and this pre-season friendly could be one of their last games. Their only recent game saw them visit Nuneaton Town on July 6th, winning 0-2.

Connections with Walsall? Stacks … including the following Managers:

Major Frank Buckley
John Barnwell (spit)
Mick Halsall (two appointments as caretaker manager)

and these players:

Trevor Christie
Steve Cherry
Jimmy Walker (never made an appearance, but was on their books).

Darrell Clarke is on record as saying that he would still like to bring another 3 players in to the squad, but it may take a little time. Presumably availability of funds will play a part, and the potential movement of Messrs Dobson and Ferrier could be a significant factor. Until then it’s “pick and mix”, and we must wait and see which players feature - and how the tactical jigsaw is being assembled.

Prediction … well, so far we’ve suffered a narrow defeat, a draw, and two wins. The running 0-2 Saddlers forecast hasn’t been precisely realised as yet, but that’s no reason to ditch it. A couple of goals from our first-choice strikers Gordon and Adebayo, combined with a really mean defence?



Yes poor old County. They are in real trouble. I do hope they survive. 1-1 on Saturday methinks.

How quickly people forget our heroes…David Groff …ex nottingham county.

I met their owner last season when i went to watch Walsall Wood play at Alfreton, because he owns them as well, seemed like a nice guy ?

Going to try my best to make the shortish journey on Saturday. Think this game will give us a decent idea of where the team are at and how we are progressing. UTS


Looking forward to this. One of my favourite away days, but it’ll probably be alot more empty than the previous years we’ve been there :smile:

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Even if there is a couple of thousand, County will announce an attendance figure of 546!

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Bump … (before it disappears!) :soccer:

I certainly think this game will give us more of an idea as to how we are progressing,and will be more of a test of our ability,for the result I am going for a narrow loss due to the fact that we have had a complete rebuild 1-0

Did he show you his “personal equipment” Chunks?:wink:


Didn’t go in 2007 but 1-5 was great day out, was in the Trent Bridge in until 5 to 3 (still saw kick off) and then Brandy scored a hat trick in about 15 minutes.

Jack Grealish played for Notts County that day.


I was sat in the home end with my Notts-supporting friend and his mates, having to sit on my hands each time we scored. After the fourth one of them said “it’s alright you can applaud, just not too loud”.

I’ll be in the same end again on Saturday, so hoping for a similar experience.

Ye I went to that game, if I remember right wasn’t there a freak storm or wind?

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I set off but didnt make it to Nottingham… got stranded in Derby when the trains stopped because of a lightning strike or something. Delighted with the result but fuming I was travelling straight home on a train while the game was on. :joy:

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Always never minded Nottingham County purely for giving us the legend that is Jimmy Walker.

I didn’t go in 2007, but the one in 2011 when we lost 2-1 was my first ever away game :smile:

Yep, just started as I came out of the spoons. Torrential rain for about ten minutes walking over the Trent.

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That week in 2007 was probably my favourite Walsall supporting week.

Long bank holiday weekend in Torquay to watch us win 2-1. Scrappy win against Hereford at home on the Monday, then promotion sealed the following Saturday at Notts County. Unforgettable stuff.


Wonder if we will have any other trialist today

Going a bit further back, the play off semi final first leg in 1988 when David Kelly tore them a new one.

Div 3 Play Off