Now that our business looks to be over


Agree what we needed was a good centre half on good wages. a good centre midfielder on good wages and a a good centre forward on good wages instead of wasting money on loans . Although I might add the chap from villa has a burst of speed and looks promising and the new front man looked more like scoring in the 10 mins he was on than our others did in 90 mins to be fair


Good post . Keates is becoming more and more culpable for this mess.


Trouble with loans they are never our players and it never feels right to me , i would much rather we buy and have a player that belongs with us and is not going to be called back any time


Loans are free (mostly)


It all boils down to the ‘budget’ or lack of it.
Wasn’t it Accrington’s manager who said live on TV when complimented on producing a decent team on the leagues lowest budget he said ‘walsalls is lower than ours’ !

Rent first please pension FC


And mostly not that good in as you never seem to get 100% from them


sometimes you do, but mostly it’s 50% ■■■■■ :wink:


That seemingly huge backroom staff must be costing the club quite a few bob, but what do they do exactly? I presume Minton is a physio (from his garb) can he manage a team perhaps? haha.
Someone else has commented quite rightly that our bench must be the quietest most immovable force on any ground in the EFL.
This showed clearly at Bolton where Keates stood hands in pocket, trying to stay warm, where were all these backroom staff?
I have supported Keates from the start, but yesterdays capitulation was the final straw, Bonser will sack him after the defeat at Blackpool on Saturday.
Just hope Jeffs mate O’Dysmal is employed elsewhere currently!
We need an experienced old head to stave off what would appear to be almost certain relegation under Keates.


I would hope he is given a bit longer than that but its not looking good at the moment.


I know this sounds harsh but I think we deserve to go down. I would like to see some homegrown youngsters that belong to the club on the pitch. Every game reminds me more of the Merson season and we may need to do a Crewe and rebuild from a lower level. Candlin could do a job when we inevitably sell Cook in the summer. Surely, we’re too good to go down to non league but if we keep sacking managers on 3 year contracts, the club is going to go to the wall! Aren’t we still paying off Whitney and O’Dismal? Instead of getting angry about it, I’m now resigned to supporting a club that is getting left behind. Keates might need support but sacking him is not the answer. Aranalde is doing well at Watford, Smith at Villa can help us and there’s the Paul Hall connection at QPR, so it could be worse. However, relegation seems inevitable with our current home form.


Resigned to potential league 2 next season, in a worst case scenario (present form dictates we are going down) . Do with stick with management team? Yes. My thoughts, for what they’re worth, go down a level where we can consolidate, build a team fit for league 2 and a push back up to league 1, but it won’t happen in a season, need to get the winning mentality back for starters. Summer will see best players leave, can’t blame them, but it’s partly their fault so hopefully a few more ‘Ferrier’ like reactions may be forth coming :joy:!! I truly hope it doesn’t come to that but I have nothing to base that upon apart from hope.


I don’t agree. Back to back wins changes everything, Pick a proper team against Blackpool and go for it.


I am with you on this…we are playing poorly but we can still survive. Pick the right team from the players we have and we can stay up.


Didn’t want to come over as negative, but was just basing my comments on present run of form. I want the local boy to come good, believe me, and for us to remain in league 1 be it by 1 point (won’t be goal difference that’s for sure) I don’t care, and then dissect team for next season, replace and refresh defence and mid field, and have a better season and finish mid table. That’s my wish :pray::pray:


Fanciful thought and comment that sounds good but means absolutely sod all as virtually every fan of every club apart from those who achieve promotion say the same at the end of every season.


Well we’ve had some support from Smith at Villa and we’ve had some support from Hall at QPR with the latest loaners , maybe we could get Deeney back on loan from Aranalde at Watford .

Only joking about Deeney , but let’s see what happens with these new kids when they get their chances , they looked hungrey when they came on Satiurday but didn’t really get much time


Sorry mate but we could field all 22 of our squad on Saturday and we would still lose! Still, it’s a good day out at the seaside…Blackpool, the used condom capital of the world!
Their two big lads up front will tear us a new one, so survival depends on Wimbledon playing as bad as us on the following Tuesday!