Now that our business looks to be over


I’ve said throughout I sincerely hope you are right!



Not sure I would want to “pull” a woman whose face is on the side of her head.


This thread turned unbelievable very quickly. Great read.

As for Emma Watson, no thanks. I’d rather shag Andy Cook.


Bet she’s gutted :wink:


Don’t think Cook will be too happy, either.


Noted that Ginnelly still hasn’t even made the bench for PNE yet


Maybe that’s why he stayed?


Rifled him good’n proper.


Surprisingly (or perhaps not), the poster espousing such an optimistic view was none other than El Nobre.


If I did, I genuinely don’t remember, I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m saying it isn’t the minimum expectation.

I have said, since day one of this season, that the minimum we should do this season is stay up. I still believe that.


Looking at your comments on the Bristol Rovers (H) match thread and comparing and contrasting them with your comments on this thread and it could be two entirely different people.
Very odd.
I also bought 55 points at £30 a point in August. I’m still holding that position.


We were in an extremely different position after that game but I’d stull be very surprised if I said that was anything more than minimum expectation to stay up. We COULD end up in the play offs. Is that Emma Watson walking down my street???


Just looked through that match thread, genuinely no idea what you are referring too? Other than pointing out that we were at that point as many points off the play offs as we are the relegation zone, the rest of it is about the full backs (shock shock) and how inconsistent we are.

Hardly proclaiming a top half finish as a definite…


“As for Emma Watson, no thanks. I’d rather shag Andy Cook”

You are doing it again! I’ve told you I’m not interested.


That’s not what you were saying Thursday night!!!


Mister defensive on full display here…




I say above that I was flip-flopping on how successful the window was for us. I’ve completely flipped, or is it flopped, after seeing us today.

The window has been a disaster for us.

He’s spent all season coming on the wireless bemoaning our “naivety”. So what’s he gone and done? Signed, either permanently or on loan, a load of wet behind the ears kids.

We’re right in a relegation scrap and need know-how and some wily old foxes in positions that influence the game and its tempo. Rochdale weren’t better than us today. They just knew more. They sat, they spoiled, they pounced, they adapted and seemed to know what each other were doing. As did their manager. Andrew pulling wide to expose Leahy did us all afternoon.

Keates has signed over two teams worth of players since he arrived and yet today the names Roberts, Leahy and Devlin still remain. Kinsella can’t even get on the bench ditto Ismail and Morris literally expelled, replaced by kids who might cut it but might not.

The window had to be about shoring us up with nouse. Three or four men through the spine. Not kids on the fringes.

There’s a lot of naivety around the place just now. Buck stops with the gaffer. And this lot, most of whom he’s brought in. What are they doing?


Yes and all these players won’t have come cheap. Two or three old heads would have been better than 7 youngsters plus Jarvis. I was amazed at the team today but I won’t add more as I have had my say on the match thread.