O’Connor until the end of the season




Job number 1, drop Leahy, Dobson and B.Taylor



Dobson? He is our best midfielder and a key player. Leahy? to be replaced by whom? Agree on the other.



No 1 job …play our best team …bring back Edwards and Kinsella and play 3 up front.



Agree he has to play kinnsella Dobson and Edwards in a midfield 3 .and pains me to say it but put cook on the bench and Gordon central striker or it will just be hoof ball !!! Not cookies fault but that’s how we play with him in the team sadly.



Seems bizarre that it’s O’Connor if that really is him liking posts on WFHYS on Saturday. Is it a fake account?



It will be very interesting to see who O’Connor picks,and who he leaves out at Accrington.Or even who he plays in what position,it will say a lot about where he thinks Keates was going wrong.



Although some are already expressing disappointment, the truth is it’s too late for anyone to come in from outside and get to know the character of the players in time. MOC will know from his recent time in the dressing room and on the training ground and, as you say, it will be very interesting.

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Surprise, surprise cilla here!!! As I thought except no Chambers involvement. Prepare for L2 guys, :weary:



No other realistic options M/S,you can’t expect anyone to have more than a 40% chance of keeping us up,so you may as well go for the cheapest option.



Don’t mind O’Connor taking over, as said above, who was going to want to take this job on for just five games, they would have been on a hiding to nothing.

That needs to be addressed properly at the end of the season when we know our fate for next season.

But I was hoping Davies and the useless goalkeeping coach would have been shown the door too. What the hell does Davies do, since MOC has been there he just sits on the bench throughout the match.

We all can see what Oakesy does, ruins talented young keepers.

Do we know if Chambers is over his injury and Keates just cast him to Coventry, spends every home game sat at the back of our stand on his mobile.

If he is fit to play, I would get him back in the side for the final five games, sitting in front of the defence like he used to do, might just help us keep a couple of clean sheets.



It’s an odd decision, you would’ve thought the only reason we’d make a change at this stage would be to get a new manager ‘bounce’ with a completely fresh voice and ideas. Basically, not much has changed. We’ve still got the exact same backroom staff who were clearly proving ineffective, just with the head man gone. It’s also pretty clear that O’Connor won’t be the permanent manager moving forward, so it’s not exactly like the players will be playing for a new contract as there’s still so much uncertainty.

What a mess.



I don’t think that is necessarily true. From what I’ve heard of Saturday, certain players were playing with no commitment or desire, players who you could at least normally rely on for that. It suggests that they had had enough of keates. But to ask someone to come in with 5 games left, they’re not going to have time to get to know the new players, to decide who plays and who doesn’t and to understand the personalities. It was generally considered that MOC coming in had had a good influence and he’ll have got to know the players without necessarily having the influence on selection etc that he would have liked, so he seems a fairly decent choice to me.



Perhaps Jeff is hoping it works for us, like it did for the Baggies, when they sacked Big Dave and Shan took over and won his first three games in charge, until they lost at Millwall on Saturday.

I will be well pleased if O’Connor starts like that, but I doubt it very much.

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Who knows. As desperate as Saturday was, Coventry was equally desperate and the team then with M O’C turning up took 7 points from the next 3 games keeping two clean sheets in the process.

Very tough to see the team doing that even in last 5 games but would still give a decent chance of remaining in the division given a fair few teams aren’t even on 45 points yet and will be playing each other in the run in.

Southend at home and either Accy or Wycombe are must wins, can’t see how else team have a chance of staying up. A draw or two from the other games.



Absolute shambles.

Not knocking MOC’s abilities because I genuinely believe he’s added something based on performances, but really?

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The circus rolls on…



On the one hand I think Martin gives us a genuine chance at staying up, but I wouldn’t want him to go any longer than the remaining five games. Not because I don’t think he couldn’t do a decent job, but the thought of yet another truly great former player put through the agony of this shambles of a pension fund is highly undesirable.



Realistically we do not have the time to appoint a replacement. This was the only option and for that reason alone we should all get behind him



Correct Mazza01

There was NO alternative that JB would have had the balls to commit to

What also should be noted is that if it works, MOC will then be the cheap option for another inevitably tricky season in L1 - if it fails, then Jeff has all the ammo needed to make more changes and bring in another unsuspecting victim for a trip on the revolving door that is becoming free-spinning at WFC…

Bloody farcical situation of Jeffs own making

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