Oisin McEntee Signs

I think that this was the same injury that Rico had when we were playing at Boundary Park. That was quite long term as I recall.


That was a recurrence - he originally popped it in the league game away at Preston the season before (looked a foul - he’s lying there in agony, and the ref let them play on and score the winner :roll_eyes:).

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I’d imagine they would have popped his shoulder back in pretty soon afterwards and the op is to try to stop it coming out again, so they’d want to wait for any swelling to go down first before doing it.

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Wasn’t it a collision with that nasty Scott Laird?

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Might explain the signing of Clarke.
We need 5 centre backs if playing 3 at the back.

White, Monthe, Daniel, Menayese and McEntee(Clarke)

A tactical foul then?

Ramos vibes!

My favourite Laird moment when he was at Walsall was the Oxford game (when Makris scored a worldie!)

They had a big winger that went in late on McCarthy to rough him up. Marvin Johnson I think. Anyway Lairdy came rushing over pushing and wagging his finger.

The next 50-50, Laird absolutely steam rollered Johnson. At half time, Laird winked at McCarthy and put his arm around him.

I’m expecting similar chithousery from Clarke this season. :heart_eyes:


Love stuff like that :grin:

I loved Scotty Laird. Never got anything less than 110% that 1st loan spell he was fantastic and to this day I still dont know why we didnt sign him for the following season. I know for a fact he wanted to come back. I personally think that Whitney didnt like how popular was with the fans.

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