Opinions, season ticket refund

Through the telescope?

Compensating for something, perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

‘Is that a small ring around Uranus?’

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The water was ice but Thannys telescope reflected sunlight and melted it all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sometimes I feel he needs to Saturn that frown upside down.

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Once he replies I feel that the Mercury is going to rise drastically


Poor from a ‘moderator’.

Keep on topic.

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Mate, I honestly don’t mind from you and others :joy: I laughed too when I read Donnington’s reply.

I just find it hilarious that Welsh Saddler over-moderates me (and others) - but said absolutely ■■■■ all to Exile over his abusive comments breaking the site rules the other day. One rule for the mods - one rule for everyone else.

Using such dreadful puns Mars the whole thread.


I sense the atmosphere has changed

To be fair whatever the club do there’ll always be someone asking for more.

I can see why they get a bit sensitive sometimes.


Some people need to Kuiper lid on things.

You wouldn’t know, because it doesn’t concern you in the slightest, what the outcome was there. Suggest you can it when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mind, it’s hilarious that you say you find some posts here hilarious but single out Welsh for a comment made as a contributor, accusing him of making it as a mod, which he clearly isn’t. Mod comments tend to directly ask posters to desist in certain actions, or appear in square brackets as a note that a post has been changed. Other than that we are free to contribute to the board as regular members. As I have just done.


I’m ignoring everything you say - as you still haven’t apologised over your joke ‘moderating’ in the summer.

You’ve consistently shown double standards (As evidenced again in the last few days). Until then, couldn’t care less.

Am I free to say that? :roll_eyes:

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You’re allowed an opinion, certainly.

Just even more of an opinion If you’re name is Exile or Geordie Sadder eh? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: