Osbourne returns!


One year deal. Happy days!


Happy with that and judging by his interview from a few weeks ago in the E&S think he will be playing with a point to prove, which will hopefully benefit him and us.


Underwhelmed but I wish him well. Lets hope he stays fit.


Didn’t think this would happen given the negative slant on his last deal with us.

But now it has, I think it is great news. Don’t know how fit he so maybe just on the bench for a few weeks.


Really? He was excellent once he got over his injury woes. A big presence in CM is exactly what we need.


Very pleased with this. A very good player at this level.


Looks like he is now a big lad, the presence needed in the centre of defence, retrograde or good business? I think the latter.


Really don’t think he’s any better than what we already have but will do a job until Edwards is fit and then it’s depth if nothing else. Hopefully he can add even more than that.

Forrest Green let him go though so can’t imagine he pulled up any trees there in the time since he was hot and cold for us.


They didn’t, he turned down their contract.


Apparently Forest Green gave him nine days to accept a new contract, which is why he left…


That makes me feel a little better.


Walked out of a club after they had the audacity to give him an ultimatum on a contract? Doesn’t sound like him!


When fit he’s without doubt a force , with Dobson getting better week on week it could be interesting.

However my only concern would be around his current fitness.


I doubt he’ll play for a couple of weeks at least.


We needed a cm and we needed experience, he ticks both boxes. Showed what he’s capable of here before and IF we can keep him fit and IF he performs like he has a point to prove this could be a really solid signing.


pleased with that, quality player on his day :grinning:


Yes he did they where gutted one of there best players according to there fans.good signing


Pleasing that both Osbourne and Gordon have stated they were impressed by Keates and his vision for the club. Seems like he can attract players


Exactly what we are short of in midfield, excellent signing.


Its only a one year deal, so if it doesn’t work out we aren’t stuck with him on our treatment table.

A big physical presence in midfield, Wonder if he gets fit and keeps Chambers out?