Oztumer joins Bolton

Joined Bolton on a 2 year deal. Thanks for the wonderful goals :+1:


Can’t fault a player leaving to test himself at a higher level, really hope he does well.


Yes good luck ozzy👍

Hope he does really well,he’s a quality player, its just a case of being able to find a team where he fits in and is not a luxury.

Fair play to him , gone up a level , pay rise , nice ground.

Wish him all the best!

Thanks for all the good times and great goals, you deserve to try out life as a Championship player, always way above our level.
Life will seem strange without that one quality player in our side.

huge blow softened by the fact that everyone knew he would leave, and Keates seemingly destined to take the team in a different direction?

Just thankful we got to see him in a Saddlers shirt, like Peron and the other flair players who should never have really ended up with the Saddlers, but we’re glad they did!

Loved watching him last two season.

Even in his quiet games you thought he could rifle one in from 35 yards.

Very much enjoyed Swindon away two years ago for the magnificent goals he scored that day.

Thought a Bristol City or Sheffield United might’ve picked him up. Bolton will be one of the favourites to go down but guess someone else will pick him up if he he plays well so low risk move.

Good player who rebuilt his career at Walsall. Good luck to him but I hope this is the last we hear of him for a while - I got a bit bored of reading about which club he was going to join. To do well at his new club, Bolton will have to build their team around him - if not, he might struggle. Still, I hope he comes back to us one day.

Sorry to see our Turkish Messi leave, good to see in a Walsall shirt – particularly on one of his better days! some great goals and memories,will be missed. Best of luck Ozzie with Bolton.

Good luck Ozzy thanks for some great memories.
Better for him to have gone to a Championship side than one of the rich clubs in our league.

Sorry to see him go. Did well for us in his two years some great goals. Wish him well.

Seeing some on my Facebook only focusing on his last few months at the club. Yes he was poor at times and yes it seemed as though he’d downed tools (I openly critisised some of his performances and stick by those criticisms), but ■■■■ me you can’t take those goals and those occasional unplayable performances away from him. Over a two season period Oztumer has been unbelievable and for that he will forever have my respect and best wishes. I hope he smashes it in The Championship

Also, credit to Whitney for signing him.


He wasn’t great during the final months, but his overall contribution over two years probably kept us in League One.

Anyone who slags him off for this move needs their head looking at!

He’s done us sterling service over the past two seasons and, as mentioned many times, has kept us up almost single handed.

Now he gets the chance to paly in the level above whilst also tripling (at least) his wages.

No decision to be made.


Perfect example of what I’m seeing from a minority.

When those sort of clubs can more than double your wages what are they going to say no thanks i will stay. All the best to him football careers are short lived, cant blame his chiice.

The best thing to do with idiots is to ignore them however I do wonder if he will be good enough to play regularly at a higher level. He is not a Romaine Sawyer after all. Anyway I wish him all the best and hope he remembers Walsall with some affection.

I agree. I’m not going to stick my neck out there and say he’ll do much in The Championship, he could be a flop, but absolutely nobody with a straight face can tell me that he hasn’t earned the chance to play there.


Good luck Ozzy and thanks for the memories.

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