PA Announcer. Half Time Compere

Don’t know what others think but I fund this guy a complete embarrassment. Who is he?


Absolute embarrasment.

Get him gone. Or just tell him to stop thinking he is an ultra.

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His antics at half time with us 3 nil down . Beyond belief


Don’t mind him, think he does well with the half-time stuff and substitutions. Adds a bit of enthusiasm.

Today was a step too far and he didn’t read the room. The fans tried to warn him with the boos but he carried on and made himself look a bit silly. He needs to knock the whole “getting the fans warm” bit before the game too, it’s a bit embarrassing.

Well either he does, or the bloke in a suit who is telling him to do it needs to wind it in either.


Yes it was quite weird behaviour that he carried on whilst being booed.

I like him but he doesn’t read the room well at all
Should know when and when not to


His singing of the songs etc it’s so cringeworthy. Never known anything like it. Is this the yanks idea I wonder?

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Some of the stuff he comes out with is hilarious.

I remember him starting last year and he announced the opposition team scoring like we’d scored.

Then earlier this season he had a dig at the fans in the upper tier, calling them moaners for making complaints about the sound system, which hadn’t worked for months.

I get what he’s trying to do, but at times he’s just extremely weird :joy:


Really embarrassing today

Before the game he is great at getting the fans going. :clap::clap:

But at half time - 3-0 down to the mighty Newport County - no, just NO!

We still have some (not a lot but some) dignity/ self pride you know. :pensive:


I actually quite like him and his enthusiasm.
The only entertainment this afternoon was him trying to get the crowd going at the start of the second half only to be roundly booed.

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Completely understand before the match starts . Which I actually like but when 3-0 down he needs a reality check .


Cringe cringe cringe.

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How not to read the room. Cringeworthy.


He is too bloody loud as well…us old 'uns trying to have sensible, in depth discussions about Walsall FC and the problems of the world cannot hear each other!!!

So they start playing Yellow Ribbon on the tannoy, which is presumably to get fans singing it, which they never do although both my boys try and get it going every match., but anyway he starts singing Walsall F.C from the Black Country, and then shortly after starts signing Yellow Ribbon. All very cringe. Football fans have been making an atmosphere for many years without the need for someone on a mic, and generally can’t be forced into it anyway.

Should have got the message at the end of Half Time, I’m sure he means well but obviously doesn’t get Walsall fans at all.


Needs to be a proper Walsall fan…you must be able to understand the atmosphere…its a very tricky balanced and subtle thing to do and I wouldnt envy anyone taking on that job and no doubt he has the enthusiasm but hes tactless and clumsy

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Tbh I don’t think you need to be a walsall fan or even a football feel to free the unease and frustrated atmosphere today

Giving a speech about how “we are all Walsall together” at 3 nil down and playing absolute shite was ridiculous.


That was a horrible moment. Cmmmmmonnnn were all Walsallll. !!!