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Slow starter but they do start moving


Absolutely need patience. We’ve got the best man to rebuild, we just need to understand that it won’t happen in one transfer window. It’s almost an impossible task to replace near enough every position and somehow expect it all to click in five games, especially when we haven’t yet finished our transfer business in the final third.

Come on, let’s keep behind them all.


Loved our little spat with that ■■■■ Bury fan yesterday on Twitter, trying to teach us the history of our club :rofl:


Patience my ass I’m guna kill something ha ha


Every single opposition forum comment on how Adebayo performs.

He has showed signs of promise imo.


DC needs time to get it right and I’m sure he will, the one thing that does frustrate me at the moment is that to play the system he wants you must have 2 exceptional full backs and sadly we don’t have them,
The effort from Pring (as well as Mollett) and Norman can’t be questioned but all the effort in the world is no good without the ability to do the job asked.
To get some points on the board I’d revert to a flat back 4 and go out and find a couple of tricky wingers who can cross a ball, I know the strikers are coming in for criticism but natural wingers who can cross are needed, if it’s not working or we are chasing the game we stay with the back 4 and go 3 up top and drop hardy in the middle of strikers and midfielders.

I can agree with that… he has the makings of being a good player, needs an experienced player along side him.
In the mold of George Kirby… look what he did for Allan Clarke

Just me, but I also expected a mid-table finish so Ive got plenty of patience.

In my mind, it takes more time than it does on FIFA where you can throw 11 strangers together and declare disappointment because your stats are better than Newports.

DC is clearly smart and experienced, I’d rather him at the helm than me in my armchair.


I don’t think that even El_Nombre is going to argue with that one :crazy_face:


Set piece delivery and crosses into the box sounded poor all game listening to WM. When we have a corner or free kick nothing happens that sounds in the least bit threatening or exciting. We need a forward to play alongside Adebayo and knows where the net is and midfielders who link to the attack. Our midfield works hard but is set up to sit too deep and isn’t an attacking threat. Let’s hope we have another 3 quality additions (striker and box to box centre mid are a must for two of those).

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But he’d make a bloody good stab at it. Probably about the type of armchair and whether or not it was foolish not dismiss a perfectly acceptable stool so easily. :innocent:

Or not, as others have coherently suggested, there are plenty of good points he makes.


DC did say it was a project so it’s going to take time and no quick fix, so people with will just have to be willing to take the rough with the smooth for a time being and there maybe more rough at this point, but we have to stick with it, how long before it becomes an issue i’m not sure after last season, so YES patience is needed

You say that…

We’ve played 5 games. The overreaction of some of our fans on social media is ridiculous. I get that people are disappointed with the start but mentions of sacking the manager or that we’re going down… seriously? Need to give their heads a wobble.

Also look at the position of the teams we’ve played. We beat Northampton who are just below us but the other 4 teams we’ve played are all in the top 6.


I would suggest the above is precisely why people are worried. We all started with nowt, they are in the top 6 and we are not, and in reality results are the only barometer that can be used.
Agree though that at this early stage some of it is way over the top and with DC hoping to sign 2 more this week which will improve things and all the silly talk will quickly vanish.

Sack him? :open_mouth: i still think he was the best appointment for the job, even if we have had a slow start, in fact i think he is OVER qualified :wink: i just love his passion.


Compared to Bolton and Bury we have no worries at all. Imagine being in their situation.

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Same thing happened at Crewe. My biggest worry is the set pieces. Not just that they’re clearly not working ,but that they keep persisting with the same plan.

Listening to WM Norman had so many chances to get a decent ball into the box from free kicks, corners, throw ins but seemed to fail everytime but was given the ball each time instead of trying something or someone different. Hard to understand the logic there.

I have patience. I’m not calling for the guys head. But that’s about as far as it goes.

I haven’t been inspired or given reason to believe this season will get any better based on the performances so far. If he’s the manager people tell me he is then we’re about to see something seriously impressive because this squad is par at very best.

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