Penalty Taker

After watching the 2 shootouts so far and from what we saw last season, who do you think should be our regular penalty taker (if on the pitch at the time) for this season - or should it be the penalty winner (to take or their prerogative to nominate), or even down to an argument each time?

You need to explain what a “Penaly” is first Andy…:grinning:

Doh! :see_no_evil:

Gordon … I’m not liking the idea of Dan Scarr being fouled in the box & thinking yeah I fancy this!!

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Lavery was pretty cool last night.

Cam Norman or Rory Holden.

The manager should select the penalty taker, and an order of takers for when the first choices aren’t on the pitch. It should then be stuck to regardless of the game situation.

If I had to choose one it would be Martin O’Connor, his penalties were awesome! Seriously out of our current crop, I don’t really have a clue, but the manager should.


I am much more concerned with our goalkeeper.I don’t have the statistics, but Liam Roberts record with penalties is very poor in my opinion.He always stands with his arms out wide,which seems to prevent him from reacting quickly enough.He definitely needs some intensive coaching on penalty saving - otherwise I think he is a very good keeper.At the moment I think there is a very good case for bringing on Jack Rose if it looks like there will be a penalty shoot-out.

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McDonald or Lavery for me

O’connor’s pens were great. Can’t remember seeing him miss one in matches I was at. Agree with having a regular penalty taker with a few deputies

Perhaps Liam Roberts should take them, cus he cor save um :volleyball:


I think his development stalled when we lost Cuttler

Agreed, Maik Taylor seems like a massive upgrade on Michael Oakes, though.


He even scored one after being dropped on his head earlier. :laughing: Chesterfield at home wasn’t it?

Gordon for me, always backs himself even if he isn’t the most technical of players. He seems to have composure when it comes to the penalty spot.

Worrying about keepers saving penalties is a waste of energy for me, penalties should always be scored (especially hit the target, nothing worse than a professional that misses the goal). So id rather he concentrated on keeping it out in play.


So we just write off the Sheff Wednesday debacle then?

Debacle? What debacle?


We lost a penalty shootout , after we had held our own against basically a Championship side whose wage bill is probably 10x ours , get a grip man .