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Peterborough United (A) Dec 22nd, 3pm


Much unhappiness on the LondonRoad.net Posh board :grin:

If things stay as they are (HA!!) we’re up to 9th place, on 33 points.

Peterborough start the 2nd half with a substitute (O’Hara for Reed)

And more or less straightaway they get a corner, and an equalising goal :disappointed_relieved:


Bump :neutral_face:


Portsmouth 2 Sunderland 1 (Quick 2nd edit)

Shrewsbury Town 1 Coventry City 0


That didn’t take 'em long!
Mind you, just prior to our goal it was all Posh according to the BBC.
Let’s hope we don’t let any more in or do a Bradford for the second half"!


Why cant’ we ever do anything from corners?
Three in quick succession…nothing, when I was young a corner was exciting, your team sometimes scored after them (Posh perhaps), us?
Bugga all!


Blackpool 0 Barnsley 1

Plymouth Argyle 0 Accrington Stanley 3

Peterborough introduce 2nd substitute - Stevens replaces Godden

Portsmouth 3 Sunderland 1


Posh 3rd sub, 77 min

Peterborough yellow card, 72 min

Leahy was about to be subbed (injury) but stayed on the pitch…


Dobson on for Osbourne(injury)


Gordon!!! ■■■■■■■ hell!!! Should score


Ferrier on for Gordon, 81 min


Sounds like we are all over 'em in the last few minutes, come on me babbies you can DO this!!


I am thinking that any money we get for Ginnelly needs to be spent on a new partner for Cook. All the reports show we are matching Posh but lack finishing power.


To be fair Cooks had his chances too




88 minutes, and we have a penalty!!! (Don’t let Cook take it)



■■■■. Saved by the keeper. Leahy. Can’t wait for the torrent of abuse.


History doesn’t repeat itself then!!!


Could mean the difference between mid table and a ‘just above the drop zone’ finish to the season. No pro footballer should ‘miss’ a penalty, very poor.


Yet many world class ones do. All the time.


He’s awful.

The universe has balanced out.