Peterborough United (H) 27th April, 3pm

Port Out, Starboard Home (POSH)

(Traditionally accepted derivation (apocryphal) of the word “posh”, from the days of Empire when people sailed to India and tried to keep out of the sun to protect their skin.)

With only two games to go in this dreadful season we have reached the “last chance saloon”, and the mathematics are horribly simple … lose this game against Peterborough and we are relegated - even a draw is extremely unlikely to make much difference, because the best we could hope for from a draw would see us end up competing on goal difference, and we know what our position is in that department!

Peterborough United, of course, are nowhere near “relaxing on the beach” - they have a sporting chance of claiming a place in the play-offs. They currently hold 7th place, 3 points behind a stuttering Doncaster Rovers who have lost their last two games - and Posh do have a game in hand.

There are no player connections between ourselves and Posh at present, but if you go back through their managerial history you find the names of John Barnwell and Mick Halsall who both had turns at the helm in years gone by. Their current manager Darren Ferguson is becoming a fixture at the club - this is his third spell in charge. Recent League One form:-

Mar 16 Coventry City (H) Lost 1-2
Mar 23 Southend United (H) Won 2-0
Apr 6 Gillingham (H) Won 2-0
Apr 13 Blackpool (A) Won 0-1
Apr 19 Fleetwood Town (A) Drew 1-1
Apr 22 Sunderland (H) Drew 1-1

Martin O’Connor has experimented with different permutations of his players already, but with no noticeable success. It would appear that certain players (perhaps the majority) in what is a numerically bloated squad have accepted our (and their) fate, and are probably devoting their energies to seeking alternative employment. Hey ho …

Prediction? Just for a change let’s have a realistic assessment - we will probably lose this one 0-2, and at least deprive the Sloppies of the pleasure of sending us down. But, this being Walsall, you can never tell …


I will go one better 0-3…a sad end to a sad season.


Posh filling their boots after our first goal against in the first 5 minutes.

A whimpering end to a dismal season prosecuted by disinterested ownership, inept management and wimp players.

I’m done to be honest. This season is over as far as I’m concerned. We won’t beat these and if we do we won’t beat Shrewsbury Away and we need to do both. And it still might not be enough.

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0-4 to go out in style.

1-4 with a lucky penalty thrown in for us

As with most games, we hold our own for the first ten minutes giving the punters a glimmer of hope, before Peterborough change gear and coast home 3-1.

Cook to score and bare his arse to the home supporters. “I’m off” written on his cheeks.

5988 in attendance.


No need to predict what will happen in the posh game! As MoC has said in the Excuse and Star that he won’t play anyone who hasn’t got the bottle to fight!!! So the game is likely to be called off as we won’t be able to field a team😂


Exactly this except 1-4 instead :joy:

100% agree with you!

I want to get this over with, see what Bonser does etc.

Heart tells me scrappy, hard fought 1-0 win to us.

Head tells me 0-4, Peterborough will be ruthless towards us and go for the jugular which they need to be for their own circumstances.

Counter intuitively I’ll go for a 3-1 home win with results elsewhere leaving us with a theoretical chance at Shrewsbury.

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Love your optimism Hull :smile::smile:

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I’m not underestimating the ability of this shower to make things even more depressing. 1-0 win, followed by relegation to an injury time goal at Shrewsbury.


I am for the first time hoping we lose the game and get relegated rather than win give us hope that with a miracle and a few snookers thrown that we can survive then be relegated by the Shrews.


5-0 to the posh . They will be well up for this game . And we are on an all time low .

If Cook put some thought into this, he could write " G * A L " on his cheeks.
When he bares his arse to the supporters he could legitimately get sent off for an excessive celebration.



Walsall 0-5 Peterborough United.

They’re going to go for it and will go in with more confidence after Doncaster lost in the week. Plus the fact they have a worse goal difference by about 7 goals (I think) then they’re going to give this a right go and won’t stop at 2 nil. Our defence on the other hand will fold at 2 nil.

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I’m only going to witness the lap of honour.

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Supporter for 60years but will not be there.Nothing to enjoy at the moment and can only take so much pain!

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