Photos of fellows park

Waiting for the final whistle. Tranmere were pushing for promotion that season I think and I went with a Tranmere fan from work who said we deserved to win and we were the better side. Too little too late that season.


What fantastic pictures… If only we had the same atmosphere these days.

God that brings a tear to my eyes that

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I always got a buzz going up those steps good days wish we could go back there


I used to stand at the bottom of that fence with my m8 so long ago :sob::sob:

I think Forbes got our first and Alex Taylor got the winner. Great photos btw.

Going up the steps and “emerging” at the top was bostin’. Might have been my single favourite thing about FP.

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Watching the coppers throwing the naughty fans into the gym and giving them a good kicking was quite fun as well :joy: :wink:

Me too. Happy memories but so sad that it had to end. Was what I lived for as a kid.
Nothing like a knees up in the Street End.

This bit looks like a scene from Tenko :smile:


Don’t know why I didn’t take more photos that day. Maybe I only had a few shots left on the film.

I know Taylor got the other one, just couldn’t remember which way round. Wish the photos were not so washed out.

Look at the state of the platform next to the floodlight pylon. That’s where they filmed the matches from for Saddlers TV. I knew the poor bloke who was the camera operator.

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Wasn’t the same for those last couple of season there with those fences at the away end. We were late to the whole fence thing to the point that at the end of our first season with perimeter fencing, everyone else was taking it down due to Hillsborough.

I stood on the railway terrace a few times before the fence went up and it was a lovely close to the pitch view.

After the fences I could only imagine it was like a Doncaster’s old cage where you were trying to follow the match through a mesh of wire. Crap.

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Do you remember this at Shrewsbury?

Always stood towards the back at Shrewsbury, but do remember a late winner there (I want to say John Gayle) when I was down the terraces and up that fence like a cat.

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They are fine. I’ve sent you a PM.

Just found this on you tube brought a tear to my eyes


How could they…that was our shiphole and we loved it, warts an’all, now we live in a breezeblock, characterless hovel that in a few years time will look as bad as Fellows Park was.