PJT v Cheltenham 20/9/22

I mentioned further up the thread that the midfield should be retained as it is.
If he wants 3 at the back again, I’d go:

Daniels, Clarke, Monthe,
Bennett, Earing, Kinsella, Hutchinson, Gordon
Williams, DJ

I know it means Knowles missing out, but Williams probably better up next to DJ and then just really promote the WBs bombing up to support attacks.

Brining on the likes of Knowles, Maddox (who could maybe start ahead of Hutch depending who you want being the more advanced of the midfield) etc would give some impact and pace in the second half.

It’ll be interesting to see how the injuries from last night sort out over the next few days as Daniels, White etc seemed affected.

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I really hope he doesn’t go with Knowles up front as it strikes me as a real square peg in a round hole option. He was completely wasted against Colchester in that role as he’s far more comfortable facing goal rather than having his back to it. If we play with a two it’s got to be Williams to partner DJ for me, he might not be a huge goal threat but he’s by far the best option in the squad in terms of bringing others in to play

This is where I’ve been really disappointed with the recruitment of the forwards. I fully expected Williams to be giving out the physical stuff for 60-70 mins, then bring on the pacey option for the last part. Abraham just isn’t a footballer. His touch is dreadful and hasn’t got the positional sense to fulfill that role. Would have been fine as an extra option but given that he’s probably our 3rd choice for the role, he’s just not ready

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Watched last nights game. Fine lines!

We deserved to win.
Should have had at least one penalty.
Cheltenham’s 1st goal was well taken, not sure we could have stopped it. Perhaps stop the cross, but you can’t stop every cross.
The 2nd was a great strike, but Earing had 2 similar opportunities and missed the target.

Defensively we were OK, Kinsella worked hard, but even the ifollow commentator was surprised when he had a shot.
Hutchinson didn’t do much wrong, but didn’t impose himself.
I thought Cashman was poor and Knowles faltered to deceive.
Williams worked hard, but needed support.
Earing is not an #10, IMO his lack of pace makes him one dimensional. He can win tackles and is good at playing in the direction he’s facing and I think best suited to playing alongside Kinsella or Comley.

We desperately need a Moncur, Sawyers to control the game and open up defences. Our midfield doesn’t have that commanding central figure - perhaps that is Riley.

Still not panicking, but need luck to change.
As for Saturday,
Daniel, Clarke, Monthe
Bennett, Earing, Comley, Maddox, Allen
Williams, Johnson

All these predicted line-ups are clearly wrong as none include White, Kinsella and Comley.


Kinsella needs dropping, need players who can attack and chip in with a few goals kinsella works hard but there no final ball. So im all for dropping him comley is still the better of the 2 if you have to havs a defensive midfielder

He’s getting as bad as Clarke for chopping and changing the starting 11.

Anyone know why Maddox was left out the squad?