PJT v Cheltenham 20/9/22

Enjoyed the game tonight. You get a more accurate perspective watching it at the ground. Cheltenham are a good team. Whenever we played the ball on the ground into feet we looked far better. The players need to remain brave in possession. Unfortunately there were too many balls played in the air down the channel, which their defenders mopped up easily. Good to see some players given a workout. Feel positive we’ll soon start moving up the table.


I’ve already demonstrated it’s true. You haven’t been able demonstrate otherwise and so you’ve resorted to what you always resort to which is accuse others of labouring a point.

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Stats always need context. I’m the first to point that out and always have been. But you literally can’t say someone doesn’t do something when factually they do. You can say you don’t think they do it well or in the tight areas or at the right times but you can’t say they don’t when they do. :+1:

Okay, that’s a block now. Bye :wave:

No choice if you’re going to respond over and over without response. Just annoying and I’ll be blamed.

Blocked by the great El_nombre? Who always ridicules those that block him?

I think I’m chuffed with that :joy:


as has every team since about 1860, would be great if the coaching badge bearers of 2022 could grasp this.


Are you and El Nombre twins?!!

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The trouble with the FA cup nowadays is that the Walsall team of the past few seasons is not really good enough to compete in it. We are a below average League Two team, and not likely to do well in the FA Cup.

I don’t understand the idea of some fans that Walsall is too big a club to bother with a tournament like the PJT, so we can ignore it and have no need of the prize money it brings. I wish we had been good enough this season to progress in it, but unfortunately we are not.

That’s my only point here, Flynn didn’t strike me as the sort of manager capable of going on such a poor run.

I expected a little more resilience when it came to grinding out results. I would also have expected his knowledge of league 2 to have worn off by now.

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Still feel musfield is the main issue and i know people will criticise, but wish kinsella was dropped still think he was a better right back. He just not good enough last 5 years have been some of the worst ive seen

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I think the club need to do him a favour now and take him out of the firing line.

Oh yes - he played remarkably well for someone who has been playing catch-up and deserves to play on Saturday. You have probably seen the shots by now but, in the first half, he went for precision over power but missed, with the keeper nowhere.

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Just seen the highlights and was not at the game.

Formations etc are important in any game - but if we cant do the tried and tested basics such as blocking crosses and clearing the ball properly when it does come into the penalty area, then we are always going to concede.


Pleasing performance and some good individual performances by the sounds of it but what I was more pleased about was Flynn’s post match demeanour.It was so much more positive, so hopefully he’s had his bit of a sulk and now he can show everyone why he’s such a good manager and why sides higher up than us were after him.

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How do we think Flynn will set up on Saturday?

I think… we will see the 352 again. But… I think he knows he has to play Earing. But then what happens with Hutch Maddox and Knowles ?

It’s a conundrum

Knowles up-front perhaps?

But remember, it is a 16 man team that plays, so the subs are important too.

Does he play Gordon from the start? I doubt it but he might.

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If he’s intent ay playing 3 at the back, I’d like to see a 343/3421 variation:


Daniels Clarke Monthe

Bennett Hutchinson Earing Allen

Maddox Knowles


Of course, that won’t happen. It will be Kinsella next to Earing with Hutchinson as the third midfielder. I think he will drop the Comley/Kins partnership.

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I think he sticks with the back 4. I’m not sure he’s completely taken with Clarke at moment.

For me I’d go :-

Bennett. Daniel’s. Monthe. Allen.


Earing. Hutchinson.

Knowles. DJ. Maddox.


Yep, I’d say that’s the other likely variation. I think having either the 343/433 is the only way he gets Knowles Maddox Hutch and Earing in the same 11.