Players for League Two


Roberts has shown promise, even though he has had a tough time of it this season. I think he’d be fine in League 2. Out of the midfield, Dobson and Kinsella would be my picks (if Kinsella is offered/would accept a new contract). Edwards may stay, but he did leave Colchester when they went down. Out of the forwards i’d only keep Cook, but again he will more than likely go.

I think if we go down, young/fringe players like K Roberts, Bates, Candlin and Parker will be given chances. Vann and Cockrill-Mollet may even get more chances. Remember Dann, Gerrard and Fox had only been given experience via loans before the season we won the title under Money.

I know football has changed a lot since then, but who knows.


It was a tongue in cheek comment, as I think you appreciate. I agree with you that there is a hardcore of supporters that will continue to go, come what may.

I think that a few might hold off though given our precarious position.


We would think so wouldn’t we, but as you so rightly state, the faithful 3K will continue to turn up come what may, that is why this protest promised with such careful choreography by WSC will fall flat on it’s face from lack of support. Bonser will continue to reap his ample rewards despite running our club into the ground, and into the 4th Division, as the faithful lapdog supporters diligently buy their season tickets…as you say, come what may.


Why be so disparaging? For the majority of that number, Saturdays are about so much more than the football. It brings friends together, it brings families together and the decision to renew doesn’t for one moment consider what the owner may or may not be doing to the club because it’s far more important than that. Easy to say “meet up elsewhere instead” but the truth is that doesn’t happen. Football is a wonderful social occasion for most and will continue to be, win,lose or draw.


Agree with you on that…I have posted many times that JB needs to go and that the mess we are in with the land etc is down to him and it needs sorting. You see I don’t go to support Bonser I go to support my team and my local Club. As it happens I have friends, old and new, who go to matches. I enjoy the banter, the "black’ humour, the debates about referees, players,teams and systems and I will go until the end.


Suggest some of you read the thread “Early Bird Time”
Dreadful. The future looks bleak indeed, I might be overly optimistic about the faithful 3K after reading some of those posts!


Apparently now it’s ok to mock the people that still go :man_shrugging:

You also can’t disagree with the club and Bonsor without going either.


No it isn’t. Their job is to do what Keates asks.

I watch plenty of football, Sky seem obsessed with showing the managers during games, vary rarely you have more than the manager and maybe, some times, the assistant up and shouting.

But yeah, let’s pretend they are doing a bad job with literally no idea.


Would you employ them? Done a great job helping out a young inexperienced manager have they not?
Where is the coaching, where is the encouragement, training, skillset, penalty taking, defensive organisation, attacking prowess… the list goes on and on, this should be the point of backroom staff, not sitting on the home club bench like a load of silent muppets!


I don’t know. Are any of them any good at Audits?

Doesn’t matter how good the coal shovelers on the Titanic were, the Captain still drove it into an ice berg.


I suggest you change your UTS name to ‘Worsul4evabutonlywhenwe’rewinning’


I’d like to see us build a sensible squad with 3 “experienced players” for each type of position and look at some of our youth team as the 4th choice player rather than having 2 “experienced” players for each position. Hopefully use the budget to add a better calibre of player to key positions rather than spread it thinley over a collection of more “average” players. Plus it would utilise the budget better than having the 11 experienced players not in the team either on the bench or not even in the squad as that’s a waste of precious resources. Surely we have some players that would benefit with game time in league 2 and eventually push for a first team spot.


Have a struggle with that monica! Following our lot since the mid sixties, ‘but only when we’re winning’ would be a bit thin on the ground!!! haha. Just a realist, not a dreamer.


Sorry that was meant for Donnington, apologies No.1, though I just knew you had to be an auditor!


What can I say? I thoughroughly check to see if things have errors as a career. And people get angry when you point them out.

Just a funny irony.


“thoughroughly”??? Now that’s ironic … :wink:


:joy::joy::joy: Jesus Christ, clearly I’m more thorough with numbers :+1:


I agree. My missus asks me why me and my mates don’t just meet up at a boozer every other Saturday instead. It sounds fine in theory but in practice very soon the “I can’t make it today, I’ve got to go shopping, I don’t feel 100%, the budgie has died …” reasons/excuses start and you rarely meet up. Football is the glue that ahs kept me and my mates friends since we left school in 1987.


I agree with everything WALSALL ONE says it is more than just the football I still meet up with friends made 50 years ago going to away matches and still attend home and away although not so many.
I will be renewing if that makes me an idiot so be it and though I agree with others supporters about the way the club is run and want Bonser out I will not let him drive me away from the team I support


The only idiots on the Forum are those who “refuse” to go to matches.