Plymouth Argyle (A) Tues 22nd Jan, 7.45pm


Along with long john ben gunn and jim hawkins :laughing:


Anyone know if it’s possible to bypass BBC Radio Devon’s live coverage being radio only - is it possible to listen online with a VPN?



Same team as Saturday…one change on bench Scarr for Mussa.


It’s nice to have a bit of quality we can bring on off the bench for once at least…


WM commentary from behind the goal!!! Mike Taylor not happy…not surprised at that.


Exactly who uses radio nowadays with Alexa and laptops…


This is working well for me thus far


I tried to get an away commentary a few weeks ago, not on WM. Stumbled across something called TuneIn. Big mistake. Searched and didn’t find our natch and must have clicked a link which automatically triggered Pay pal and am £100 down having never used the darn thing.



Getting swarmed in first few minutes


Having said that we now are all over them and really unlucky not to have scored

It is absolutely ■■■■■■■ down


Anyone having problems with iplayer? I can’t get logged on


I’m on OK


Just got on after resetting password.


Plymouth just missed a sitter.


One other game on tonight … AFC Wimbledon 0 Fleetwood Town (28 min)

Walsall yellow card, 24 minutes … (Osbourne, for a foul on Lameiras)


Osborne just booked


He was regular first half of the season and then in and out after xmas. Good question actually, did Blues recall him early?

Wycombe had plenty of experience at back last season, likes of Adam El-Abd, Michael Harriman, Jombati and Joe Jacobson all regulars in their back 4 and they’ve all played a decent amount this year so not the easiest backline to establish yourself.


Solid half by sounds of it, Plymouth barely had a sniff so far. 0-0 will do nicely tonight.


Goal-less at half time.

According to the BBC, Plymouth have had 66% of the possession, 8 shots (none on target).

We’ve had 3 on target …

You can get 426/1 for an Andy Cook hat-trick in the 2nd half !!