Plymouth Argyle (A) Tues 22nd Jan, 7.45pm


Rain is the winner at the break. Who will score first, win. Both teams looked very even.


Plymouth probably shaded the first half but we have defended well and looked dangerous on the counter attack. Could do with getting Cook involved a bit more though. He is a little isolated at times.

Norman looking very good first half. Got a decent throw on him as well.

Looks like less than 100 saddlers there - fair play to all of them.


Good half.

Norman already looks 100x better than devlin who, bless him, looks lost on the Wing. But I guess he’s there to do a defensive job.

Should have scored twice from set pieces - and I’m worried about Osbourne getting sent off.


That possession figure is cobblers, Welsh.


Solid performance so far. A very Division 2 affair!! Feel like we could nick it if this continues, defence looks ready for them.


Good point. The ref has been fairly lenient so far, I suppose allowing for the conditions. One rash lunge though and he could be gone.


I did say it was the BBC … allowances have to be made!!


Just concerned in case Pinnacle is lurking :wink:


I had to reset password aswell wonder what’s going on


HA!!! :rofl::rofl:


Back underway with no changes made.


1-0 down :frowning:


1-0 Plymouth


Didn’t defend a free kick.

Norman just headed a corner against the post. More attacks (3) since the goal than whole of first half.


Walsall’s 2nd yellow card, 56 minutes … (Josh Gordon)


Devlin not marking and culpable for the goal. I know it’s a broken record but for ■■■■ sake. Get a proper winger on.


2-0 :frowning:


Let’s all go home 2-0


Two good free kicks


Well, ■■■■.