Plymouth Argyle (A) Tues 22nd Jan, 7.45pm


Cook was supposed to be marking the scorer according to WM.

Uphill task now but Plymouth have won their last three so better team than Gillingham and a few others down there.


Back down to earth after saturday, league 2 here we come!!!


Leahy gives away a stupid free kick for their second. Same old bad decisions.

We’re having one of those awful 10 min spells again here.


why can’t we defend crosses ???


Odds on Cook hat trick to win it? :joy:


Subs on now


Not surprised after the 2 long journeys and the same team.I can understand why he kept the same team but we do have plenty of fresh legs on bench. Bring em on DK.


Agree we all know Osbourne can’t do 2 games on the trot


Dogs. Laptop off, I’m going for a run.


Walsall substitution, 69 minutes …George Dobson on for Joe Edwards, and Zeli Ismail replaces Nicky Devlin


How come you didn’t mention the daft free kick Gordon gave away for the first



Listen to all the ■■■■■■■ noise the Plymouth fans are making - sounds like a game of football is going on - I remember those days


Steady on. The home games v Rochdale and Wimbledon are massive. Things will be looking o.k with four points from those.


Devlin and Edwards off. Zeli and Dobbo on.


Indeed. Although BBC says it was Norman. Maybe we should get rid :wink:


Ismail, Morris and Scarr on for Osbourne, Devlin and Norman… Let’s go 3-5-2 attack and go for it.


Gordon looks totally lost to me , not for the first time .


We can’t sub Gordon, no-one to bring on to partner Cook… Need another striker ASAP!


Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 74 minutes … Kinsella on for Jarvis


Cook misses a sitter, think it was Norman who hit excellent cross in.