Plymouth Argyle (A) Tues 22nd Jan, 7.45pm


First half was okay defensively, we were how I imagined we were at Gills going off what everyone there said. There I was thinking right, the lads have a bit of confidence back…

Then the second half. Again, we react slowly to near enough everything in the second half of a game. We cant defend set pieces again and we offer Cook absolutely nothing all game. A really poor second half but let’s be honest, attacking wise the first half wasn’t that much better, we just defended better in the first 45.


I’ve only seen the highlights posted here so can only go off that.

Devlin or Roberts really need to be dealing with the first one. I’d say more Devlin than Roberts.

On the second where on Earth are the centre halves? Andy Cook is our deepest defender. How do we even get in that position? Beggars belief.

Cooks goal is hilarious. Like watching an elephant tap dance. What a player. We would be in deep ■■■■ without him.

Looks like we had chances but these long midweek away trips, especially after one the weekend, are not ideal. It’s not an excuse but two away trips like that in 4 days is pretty harsh on the team.


We just cannot defend set pieces. WTF do they do in training all week ? Iron Boner’s £ 20 notes ?


Just haven’t got players in the back 4 who love attacking the ball when it’s being crossed in. Butler was great at that.


Lets hope the new lad from Blues gets a chance soon as it seems as though it’s one of his traits.


I can only recall Plymouth having 2 attempts on target. Did Roberts have any saves to make?


For both Plymouth`s goals all of our defenders are ball watching. For the 1st goal as soon as the ball is kicked 3 Plymouth players peel off to where they know the ball is coming and our defenders are then left scrambling back to late. Virtually the same for the 2nd.
Both free kicks are a good distance out so set up your wall, each player designates a target to mark, and stick to him. Why watch the ball?
This is such basic stuff and i hate to see the wrestling that goes on in the penalty area in the prem but there is no pushing, holding or jostling between players.
Are we to nice?


Yet they’ve scored two. We can’t keep going into games thinking we need to score at least two or three for a win when we’re creating very little.


The current stats are really worrying , limiting Plymouth to just a few chances yet still conceding 2!

The players will know this and i would imagine that their confidence is shot.

Unfortunately I see a repeat of last season , but will we eacape is the big question .


At least we ‘should’ get 3 points from Wimbledon…surely…surely…
But, this is Worsul aye it! What is it now? One win in 14 games? does not read too good does it?


I actually think we played okay last night. We missed 3 absolute sitters but what annoyed me more were the amount of silly free kicks we gave away just outside the box. The one Gordon gave away for one of the goals really ■■■■■■ me off. Thick challenge. Thought we looked solid when the ball was in play but at set pieces looked all over the place. I think we did enough to earn a draw and on the balance of play probably should have won it.


Yeah, I didn’t think we were that bad and it frustrates me how many goals we let in despite allowing the opposition relatively few chances.


I think that’s my concern , we actually play ok but buckle at the first sign of pressure!


We do let some really soft goals in and we just don’t compete very well in the air on any ball into the box but I also think Roberts has to be more commanding. O think he could have come for that 1st free kick it wasn’t that far out


That’s something we really do lack compared to the start of the season. We win too few headers now and not nearly enough second ball.


Totally agree. The amount of time the ball drops to one of the opposition players in the middle of the park following a goal kick is ridiculous and part of the reason why we don’t seem to get a real foot hold in games for a prolonged period. When we do get it, we never seem to look for a forward pass. We usually end up playing four or five passes, knocking the ball back to Roberts, and then having it Launched into the middle again for us lose.

We improved when Kinsella was in the side, but it appears he’s had his seasonal bombing out for no reason.


I love the tap dancing elephant analogy…:joy::joy::joy:


Plymouth. Two attempts on target. Two goals. :cry:


Devaluing another bit of skill by cookie getting to be abut repetitive now what a great goal love this bloke


Lighten up mate, I did point out what a brilliant goal and player he is.