POLL: Current expectations for 2019/20

New division, new manager, a few in-coming players and more than a few out-going.

What are your current expectations for the forthcoming season?

  • Champions (1st)
  • Automatic Promotion (2nd - 3rd)
  • Play-offs (4th - 7th)
  • Top 10 (8th - 10th)
  • Mid-table (11th - 13th)
  • Lower Mid-table (14th - 17th)
  • Safety (18th - 22nd)
  • Relegated (23rd - 24th)

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Play offs Minimum. And even then I’d say it with the proviso that we win them. Anything less is a poor season.

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Regardless of budget blah blah blah…if Clarke does not get us in the top 10 he will have failed in his first season.

It should be a top ten battle between us, Bradford, Plymouth, Scunthorpe Salford, Northampton, Colchester, Mansfield, Newport and Forest Green.

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Safe mid-table finish, cuz expectations are always painful, especially exaggerated ones :wink:

For me we should be happy with the top 7 looking at how poor some of the other teams are looking. Aslong as we feel like we’ve made alot of progress by this time next year, then myself and alot of others would be happy.

It has to be play-off’s,I know it won’t be a walk in the park,but if we can’t get in the play-off’s in Div2 then we are in trouble.

I have voted for mid-table but will reserve my judgement until I have seen them play at Plymouth at the end of August

We as a football club should be looking for automatic promotion… So why shouldn’t we all demand and expect that.



I currently expect us to finish mid-table, I imagine this will change before the opening day of the season dependent on further transfer activity.

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Until we have a full squad I don’t think we can predict how the season will finish , but we should not settle for anything less than a playoff position surely :thinking:

Can we be realistic a mid league 2 budget, so that’s where we should finish

From the look of the players we HAVE signed i am not to optimisic at the moment, we hardly have a full squad never mind promotion chasers, no matter how good DC is, you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.


But a club that tells us that the Championship is the long term aim. Surely the first step in that direction, if it’s a true aim, is to get back into League One first?

I couldn’t give a toss what they decide the budget is to be honest. We’ve been in the division above for over a decade. I expect us to go back up. Let’s see if the club fail.


Realistically we should challenge for the play-offs. It depends on who we buy, or whether DC will live up to the hype.

I realise there are a lot of pessimists on UTS - I like to think of myself as a realist.

I say 6th!


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When I was a kid, the parish priest told me that if I followed the teachings of beJaysus, then I would go to heaven and if not then my soul would burn in a lake of fire :smile:

I am now very doubtful that either will happen - same with the â– â– â– â–  our club comes out with.

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I’m not sure “expectations” is the best word here. It’s ambiguous. It can mean what you think will happen, " I expect the post will be coming soon," or what you think should happen," I expect the postman to be polite." The debate suggests different interpretations by different people.

Bet you were terrified of the Arboretum for years.

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Or how good DC is either …:thinking:

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That’s what i thought i had put?:rofl:

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