Poll - next Walsall manager

Who do you think it will be?

  • Alexander
  • Artell
  • Cowley
  • Deeney
  • Phillips
  • Sadler
  • Another (state in comments)

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Artell ticks alot of boxes looks a good fit.

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Alexander with Sadler as his assistant.


I don’t want a replacement for Flynn, I prefer a DoF/Sporting/Technical Director on the board, responsible for all football matters at the club and a first team coach.
I think that it is important that the man appointed as first team coach fits in with that approach, rather than a guy like Flynn (as one example) who wants to do it his way without someone above him.
Sadler is one that looks like he might fit the bill, but who knows.
Im very pleased that Boycott has grabbed the bull by the horns, got rid of Flynn and is now engaging in a thorough process with respect to the structure at the club.
Looking forward to the outcome.


That’s a contradiction in style akin to Flynn / Sadler.

Graham Alexander is cut from a very pragmatic, direct cloth. Very different to what I’ve seen from Sadler.

Dont usually sit behind the dugouts in the oap stand but tried it saturday instead of behind the goal and noticed that it was o kelly telling every single thing to Sadler on what to do.
These last 3 games and the organisation and better football have all been o kellys doing i would say.
A real big brain we need to keep at the club i say


Is this poll - “who do I think it will be” or “who would I like it to be”??

I want Cowley. I think it’ll be Sadler.

Cowley would be a massive statement of intent for me, similar to Wrexham going for Phil Parkinson. I’m just not sure he’d be willing to drop to League 2 and work under what is looking like a defacto DoF in Matt Jordan.


Nonsense. I sit in a similar position and they were in constant discussion but neither you or I could possibly be in a position to know that it was ROK “telling” Sadler anything let alone what to do. It was a very two way street which is exactly what I’d expect between a manager and a coach singing from the same hymn sheet.


Like Lennon–McCartney

Again, nonsense. I’m sure ROK has had a huge input and impact on the outcomes but to say it has been “all” down to him is ridiculous as it is disrespectful to the manager.

The manager sets the team up and decides strategy and personnel. The coach along with the manager implements the ideas using his (ROK) undoubted coaching ability.

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I want Cowley. Easily the best name linked and it’s not even close.

I think it will be Phillips.

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I would like Cowley but wouldn’t be disappointed with Artell.

However I’ve got a feeling Sadler will get it.

I’ve gone Cowley purely on his promotion and cup record however I can think of reasons why not, style of play etc. unfortunately I can think of more reasons why not than for all those suggested so perhaps a left field appt and DOF is the way to go but then again that’s a risk.

What a mess we have made

Needless to say I’m taking Sadler over Cowley or Artell.

In order of preference :-


A huge gap of no one….

El Nombre


An abyss of black nothingness :-




I’d agree if he hadn’t made such a mess of his interview. Losing to ten men at home, a truly awful away display we somehow didn’t lose, and a win over Doncaster seconds that we almost chucked away at the end doesn’t exactly scream job well done.

We passed it around the back four a lot tho!

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Do they manage one of the less well-known National League North teams?

I don’t disagree with your comments, I just still have a feeling they will offer him the job.

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Oh yeah. And to be fair I wouldn’t put anything past this football club to be fair. But even that seems … a bridge too far for them.

Wouldn’t be surprised though, like you say.

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Those were not the games I saw. He had a team with no confidence and he got them playing football again. I do not think he will be appointed but the way he got the team playing was a breath of fresh air.