Pomlett and what he has done for the club

Right let’s kick of this debate. Views on what Pomlett has bought to the club. My view. NOTHING

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How about we start with what he’s had to deal with since he took over instead?

A global pandemic which has cut off almost every income stream, and those it hasn’t it has reduced dramatically. Tough gig.

Taking that into account, what should he be doing instead of making sure we are still alive at the end of this?


Level playing field

Just added this bit to my post but you’d already replied, be interested to know.

I’m not going to cloud the pandemic with the football side of things because it’s the same dor everyone and I haven’t read statements from other league clubs like we put out in that we cannot sign anyone unless it’s for nil wages. It’s the same for every chairman in league 2

Here we go :roll_eyes:


So what should he be doing different, taking into consideration that almost every income stream is gone? We can all moan about it but unless you have some idea of doing better then it’s a very weak argument.


All we asked for when Bonsor was in charge was communication and clarity when it come to certain things with the football club and Pomlett has done that.

We all knew Pomlett was never someone who was going to come in and start spending thousands on wages and millions in transfer fees, he has stated that future investment will come once we get promoted.


I wasn’t convinced pre covid and I’m still not will admit he’s not had it easy but paying wages for players is part of the game unfortunately and if you don’t you won’t get players that improve you just squad fillers which is what these signings look like to me he does make more of an effort to engage than Bonser ever did.

I don’t think anyone expected us to spend millions on transfer fees and thousands in wages. Likewise I don’t think anyone expected us to state that we can only sign players who come for no wages.

YouTube sensation?


If life was normal and fans could attend every week, do you think we’d be asking Bournemouth and Blues for players where we don’t have to pay any wages towards? Of course not.

When our only real source of footballing income is the money from the ifollow streams, which is probably barely a few hundred quid a week, whilst already having a 25+ man squad, do you think we have the resources to be offering free agents one/two grand a week?


I still can’t figure out why he got involved in the first place, he doesn’t have the capacity to move the club forward.

It’s a lose lose situation for him unfortunately.


Doesn’t help when we waste 4 grand a week on Guthrie Sinclair Lavery Clarke etc I’m sure there’s better out there for cheaper wages per week.


Well, LP bought the club so that’s something.
He didn’t expect to be kicked in the swingers by this pandemic. Like others have mentioned, what did you expect him to have done by now???

BTW, you should have used the word “off” not “of”!

Yes, I’m being pedantic…

Having fans come in is part of the game too which generates most of the income which then pays wages and that ain’t happening so with what money is he supposed to pay more out?

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We’ll have to see when this is over mate but had anything improved before it? I’m not sure it had

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He had only been here months before this started.


Updating the supporters on the plans to purchase the freehold would be nice.

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As I mentioned in another thread, how can you plan your budget when you don’t know when you’ll next receive income from both your on-field & off-field activities?
The reason we are getting 100% parent club funded loan players is because we are sticking to a spending plan that the club can service.
With regard to the freehold, what do you want LP to tell the supporters? I would assume that most supporters will realise that any plans that were in existence are on hold. For how long? Who knows??

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