Pomlett and what he has done for the club

I think most of us like that Leigh communicates more and talks to us more.

But I think the sentiment of this thread is the word “done” in its title. So whilst talking in some way is doing I think we do need to see some more tangible action rather than intimation and hints around new investors and doing all we can on the freehold.

Our conservatism, caution and complete lack of new direction since Jeff left can’t compete in the very cut and thrust environment of professional football.

I’ve been reading of the goings on at Oxford United with interest. They’ve unveiled plans for a new ground. I think most of us would go “well aren’t they in a new ground already?”. Well it is certainly newer than ours. But there’s a growing consensus that it isn’t in the ideal spot and the rent is too high. So they’ve unveiled these new plans for a new ground.

The lease on the Kassam runs out in 2026. I think we have a break clause in 2028. So the timelines here aren’t completely out of kilter with Oxford.

Now the board at Oxford mightn’t be really thinking of moving. This might be a play, a bit of “we have options” leverage with the landlord. Or, for all the reasons they state, a feeling that moving is the right thing to do. It doesn’t really matter. Their fans can see new thinking, alternatives and a perception of a board that has the destiny of their club in their hands - in control, on the front foot and actually “doing” rather than talking. Which is very different to the reactive “Bescot as a fact of life - what can you do?” noises we get.