Pomlett, Gamble, Mole, Fullerton

Please leave our club.

Pomlett you are a decent man and your heart is in the right place but along with Mole, Gamble and Fullerton you are a bunch of useless individuals.


Pomser out put the club up for sale and see if theres any interest the bloke couldnt run a bath.



Something is clearly not right behind the scenes at the club. Unbalanced squad, dreadful youth team, players leaving/being left out of the team for no obvious reason etc. The way the club is being run is outdated and not fit for purpose. Essentially, we look like a non-league club in waiting at the moment.


Considering Pomlett has a vast number of years on the board of a major transport company he should know how to mould and implement a structure for success!
The club, from the outside, looks rotten to the core!
What’s with Fullerton’s seemingly forcing out and reluctance to acknowledge anything before his arrival I struggle to see what he’s adding apart from a contacts book that in reality only Kiernan and Earring look worthwhile signings.

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Pomlett is a disaster, clueless and taking this club down.

I also don’t trust him.


thank god its not just me then lol i agree

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I don’t trust him, it’s lie after lie.


I don’t think Fullerton has been the correct appointment.


Well you have a problem then because he owns the Club. He isn’t going anywhere at the minute and my guess is that he will do exactly what he said he would do and finish in 5 years which he later adjusted because of the COVID situation. He ,of course, envisaged we would be in the top half of Division 1 by then. If he wants that then he must at some stage give the coach resources to achieve that. We obviously upped the wage bill for this season and he will have to do the same next season when hopefully MT will have learn’t a lot from this season.


I have no problem mate???

It’s Walsall Fc that have a huge Fing problem!!

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if you listen to the walsall trust clowns they will have you believe pombear is a saint. we all know differently. the whole club is clueless from top to bottom. no business acumen, no structure and abysmal appointments. shocking state we are in. pombearout. 100% worse than bonser.


Spot on walsallone. I find myself agreeing with your sensible,rational and intelligent contributions so often lately.


Mole and Gamble have been present whilst the club has made cock up after mistake after balls up. People thought the removal of Bonser would see the shackles removed but still the decline continues.


I’m not sure we did “obviously up the wage bill”.

It might depend upon the loan deals but I doubt that the contracted Adebayo, Lavery and Gordon would have cost less than an on loan Miller and Phillips and Shade. McDonald would be akin to Kiernan.

Norman will have been on more than Mills. Scarr and Clarke would have been very similar to Monthe and Taylor.

A contracted Roberts for a loaned Rushworth probably saved us cash .

The balance then is probably in Labadie, Wilkinson, Maneyese, Ward and Earing replacing Jules, Guthrie, Nolan, Sinclair, Cockerall Mollett plus all the other loans (Nurse, George, Scrimshaw, Vincent, Reid, Wright, Melbourne and Osei).

My guess would be that primarily because we started last season with three contracted strikers and this year we started with none, that the wage bill has come down this season.


You may be right but I would guess the big 4 signings made early in the Summer would be on considerably more than last years top earners.Some reckon twice as much. One of those has now gone. I also think the the loanees especially the two from the Premiership would be more expensive than the lads we had last year.
I remember how pleased everyone was when we signed the players in the Summer. I still think there is the making of a useful team but as I have posted elsewhere at least 3 signings are now required in this window. If Kinsella goes it will be 4 . If we don’t do that then I might well join in some of the criticism the Club is getting but at the moment I will wait until the 31st January.


So the same as signing all Clarke’s mates plus Guthrie. Talk about supposition. Those loans could be completely free for all we know and I definitely wouldn’t put it out of the question for players such as Shade.

Haha just move back those target points again. Look forward to you “seeing what happens in the summer” in February. You’re definitely not naive though :joy:

What a shock. The two apologists agree.

And Pomlett.

Starting to get the feeling Pomlett bought Fullerton in to do the dirty work he doesn’t like doing he wouldn’t have sacked Clarke he was reluctant to get rid of Dutton and I doubt very much he was behind Liera going either.He doesn’t seem to want to be ruthless but you have to be in his position I hated Bonser but he would soon pull the trigger of things were going badly

The issue is money.

Leigh needs to sell up and move on.

It’s not working.