Pomlett On Local Clubs

Reckons we look after loanees, which is why clubs want to send their kids here, also because our training ground is so good, and that we have great links with Wolves, Albion, Palace, and Spurs. He also reckons we are very selective with our loanees.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of our current loanees are kids from local clubs (unless you count Shade), our training ground is unusable most of the season, and the loanees we’ve had in recent times haven’t been particularly well looked after, especially ones from local clubs. Also, as for picky with loanees - Osei Yaw anyone?

The more I hear, the more I feel like this is all just a misinformation exercise to keep pulling the wool over our eyes!


Full of shit hahaha

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It’s not often I back something Pomlett says, but there was upgrades made to the training ground and a lot of the summer signings, with plenty of League Two experience, said how good our facilities were.


He is beginnging to sound like the idiot currently lodging in No 10 at PMQT

Only difference these are LPQT, but similar BS content


It worked for years with the last owner!

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Good point. People often ask where has all the money gone.A chunk of it was spent on the training ground to bring it back up to the required standard after the flooding problems encountered. When you see MT interviewed there it looks in pristine condition to me.

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He said last week they’ve only just been able to get back on it.

Embarrassing from Pomlett.

10 years ago it would’ve been correct as Mantom, Downing and Sawyers all joined from West Brom within six months of each other so there was certainly a relationship then.

Even a few years back they were happy to loan Tyler Roberts when he’d already played for Sloppies in league 1.

I doubt Wolves would be interested in helping out anymore given way Conan Ronan and the young CB were treated in the relegation season. Also had the Fitzwater fiasco that January aswell and don’t think they’ve loaned anyone since.

Only local club to bother in last two seasons is Birmingham and they basically just loaned two kids for work experience loan.

I think LP is losing the plot a bit otherwise these good young players from local clubs would be coming here instead of Forest Green or Cheltenham.


How many players have we signed from local clubs since LP has been chairman? Or is he referring to the success we had under Jeff?

2 that didnt play last season from blues?

We had the lad from Villa who also failed to make any impact.

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Any chance of Louie Barry then

Tyreik Wright


Good player to be fair, shoe horned into a bad side with a bad manager. Seems to have played a few games at Salford this year.

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Hes gotta be nice about them to keep the summer friendly money rolling in…

Absolutely hilarious statement by Pombear.
We have just seen a Villa manager sacked, one that started his footy career with us and managed us for nearly 5 seasons.
You would have thought that would have helped us forge a close relationship with Villa, but no we are doing it now,
Just remind me how many players we have on loan from Villa, wolves, Albion, sjouke, birmingham, Spurs and Crystal Palace ?


I had a good loff reading the latest omelette fairy story, he’s an utter fool and as someone suggested on another thread some time ago he looks uncannily like Biggins, oh yes he does.

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Sad thing is some folk will read that nonsense and buy into it.

The whole “we have good relations with our neighbors” is ridiculous. It was more of a case of Dean Smith improving young players from other clubs. This was quickly found to be the case after he left and poor managerial appointments have meant that our reputation has had to be built from the ground up and we are only just seeing signs of the recovery.

The standard of loan Smith got improved season by season, to the point where top clubs were loaning us some of their highest thought of youngsters like Evans and Pennington (who was a Whitney signing, but was still very much the Smith team)

Compare that to begging freebies from teams seemingly worse off than we were under Smith and shows just how badly the whole loans situation has been managed