Ok so I’m putting this out there and I’ve got my tin hat ready.

But the way I see it is we now have a chairman who is not capable of enhancing the playing budget, neither is he wealthy enough to purchase the freehold.

Can someone please point out to me how this club will move forward under the new leadership?

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Fair points made but in reality, a sugar daddy ain’t on our horizon so to be free of JB’s clutches is for now, something I still see as positive

Moving forward, we basically need investment and strong leadership but in the absence of the dosh, please can we have:

A manager that knows what he’s doing?
Some players that know what they are doing?


Good points Mazza, you may have just summed up in reality just where we are. As has been mooted on here by quite a few it may be that our only hope really is LP persuading his business chums/contacts in the States to invest in the outstanding and rewarding project that is Walsall FC.
And in reality, who in their right mind, friend or not would do that?

How long do ‘potential investors’ hang around waiting for a promotion?

We desperately need some short-term investment and quick!

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3 months in and we’ve had enough?

After 20 years of Bonser.



Who’s had enough?

I thought that as well.

The lady is very presumptious methinks.

That’s the heavy inference, if not then fair enough. Curious to know the alternative.

I see it as a long process to fully recover from the Bonser leech, the first stage of which was removing ultimate control from his clutches.

The next step is to stabilise the Club, whilst finding an effective way to remove us completely from the freehold agreement, which continues to have a significant impact on our football operations.

I think it’s worth remembering that six months ago we were pretty much all resigned to an ongoing, indefinite period of terminal decline and rotting under Bonser. What we have now is at least the opportunity to move forward and build a Club whose main focus is producing a relatively successful football team, not just meeting rental obligations. On top of that, there’s the importance of making sure the Club has a place back in the heart of the community and improves relations/communications with supporters.

Whether Pomlett capitalises on that remains to be seen, but I do think it’s a tad unfair to write him off at this stage.

The problem with all of that is it’s going to take time. You only need to take a look at Oldham’s attendance last night to see what the level of disillusionment could have been like if Bonser was still pulling the strings, just over 2,000 home supporters for a Club very similar to ourselves is quite scary.

I also completely agree that we could do with a freshen up at Director level. The accountability for five years’ of terrible decision making has continued to fall solely on the manager, I would hope Pomlett has been scrutinising carefully the overall performance of the Board. For example, I’m sure for the salary of our Chief Executive we could identify a Football Director to help bring more consistency and long-term planning to the recruitment, playing style and youth set-up.

It is undoubtedly worrying times, though.


Again very presumptious as it wasn`t.

So why the ‘tin hat’? :thinking:

Prep for the likes of you :wink:


Good thinking. :wink:

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I would agree with that sentiment if we were languishing in league 1. But we are not, we are league 2. We don’t have the time unless Pomletts plan is to rebuild and launch a resurgence from non league football.

So what’s the plan? Other than give Pomlett longer than 3 months?

Exactly , my post is not knee jerk. I am looking at his credentials to take the club forward.

Much needed investment is required to get us out of this mess.

What’s his credentials? Bonser still owns the club in my eyes.


At the moment? Offering prayers to your preferred deity.

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There’s a middle ground between hounding the guy out after three months and holding him accountable for the performance of this football club.

He deserves a thank you for buying Bonser out, not a free pass.