Pompey game...we could do without it!

We entertain Pompey in the Mickey Mouse tonight with a depleted and tired squad full of injuries and in desperate need for reinforcements.
I just hope we give the youngsters a chance and get as many regulars out the team as possible to keep them fresh for Saturday in what could be a game where we are chasing shadows for the majority of the game against what kenny Hackett said is going to be a strong team.

On the other hand if he does play a youthful team and we give Pompey a game or even better win it could do the lads confidence a world of good. For the youngster (if he starts a few) it really is a no lose situation as they aren’t expected to win so any performance is a bonus.

I don’t accept that any professional footballer can be tired halfway through a season,if that is the case,then DC needs to look at his training methods.


You missed the full of injuries out ?

We need to be careful, i agree about professional footballers shouldn’t be tired at this stage of the season but i would be more worried about getting injured in such a non entity of a game, we could end up using what little funds we have on replacement players we already had instead of freshening the side.


How do you know that…DC doesn’t admit to any injuries.


We should play our strongest team possible. It’s the only cup we are left in. He’s been rotating the squad anyway, and the workload has only been weekend/midweek so nothing out of the ordinary.

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Id be fine with him picking 11 out the crowd to be honest.


There wouldn’t be many left to watch it then :rofl:


Be good to see the kids given a go as others have stated.

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Kory Roberts and Jules were on the bench on Saturday so there’s two who need games. Scarr has missed a few recently so hardly needs a rest.

Hardy needs a start aswell. There’s three there to mix in with the established starters. Don’t really care about this but DC certainly does given he’s been putting out strong teams in this since the first match.


Good for confidence to get a win just hope like you say he gives jules,kory hardy and candilin who haven’t had much game time a go whilst leaving Gordon and Lavery on the bench as we need those 2 for Saturday and need them fresh without the risk of injury.

Beat me to it lol I was gonna say that’s only gonna leave 2 spectators :rofl:

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Hope we start the kids. We’re hitting form, let’s not ruin it by risking more injuries now in this competition.


He talks about it in this E&S story https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2020/01/07/walsall-vs-portsmouth-preview-injuries-take-toll-as-saddlers-face-trophy-champs/

I’m looking forward to seeing the next gen. I also don’t think there is a fat lot of difference between our A and B teams (if such a thing even exists under DC).

How about
K Roberts


I would certainly rotate as much as possible, some of the players could really do without another midweek game. Some could also do with some minutes. Hardy and K Roberts should get a game.

Lavery and Gordon especially could do with a break, I fully expect Gaffney to start.

We can’t deny this competition has been good for us this season though, and I think Pomlett wants the money from it, so It wouldn’t surprise me if we went with a strong side

I won’t be there as I have rather nasty virus but I hope we win whoever plays…certainly we don’t want anymore injuries so some of the younger lads could be given a game.

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Not a bad shout, so I expect DC to completely baffle us all and line up with something totally different :grin:.