Port Vale (A) 7 Dec 3pm

Nobody commenting ? Me, hav’nt got a clue !

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I go 1-2 to us with anybody scoreing lol

Ill take a draw

732 away fans

GAffney scores for us

I am not hopeful.

2-0 defeat

Saw on the local news Tom Pope needs one goal to break a scoring record for them.

Given his general record v Walsall down the years I’d be surprised if he takes longer than ten minutes to do it.

I expect a tonking, but feel we may cling on for a 1-1 draw.
Subject to tinkerman not dragging out his OAP’s and their walking frames to ‘shore up’ our defence, and bringing back Adebayo up front!
He’s done such obscurely strange things before, he has coaching badges!

Vale 2-1 Walsall. We’ve got a bloke at work who’s a Vale fan so if we win I’ll be printing the score off and sticking it on top of the work Christmas tree as there’s nothing on top at the moment so it’s looking a little bare :laughing:

I remember the time when we beat this lot almost every time we played them.Not so now…results have now levelled out.
Anyway for tomorrow I think it will be a low scoring draw.

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Not holding out for much here to be honest score draw for me I’ll go Desmond any news on CCM??

Played for both teams - Tony Richards, Kenny Beech, Bernie The Bolt, Alan Boswell, Bobby Gough, Albert Mullard, Nicky Cross, and probably several others if I set my mind to thinking.

Least favourite Vale player? Easy one that, it’s Tony Rougier for me. Boooooooo!!

There was a time we never lost to Vale, it was take the points or sometimes move on to the next round of the cup, those days are gone but I think we’ll do it tomorrow, 2-0, based on nothing but hope and blind optimism.

In DC’s latest interview he said it’s not as bad as they first thought, but he won’t be playing tomorrow.

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2-0 to the saddlers Lavery at the double.

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I never forecast. So it’s 2 - 1 to Walsall (Tony Richards to get all three).

Thanks appreciate that :+1:t2:

It’s about time we surprised someone. 0-1 Walsall at 90, 2-1 Vale at 90+12 when the ref finally blows FT.

Tony Rougier was some player, unplayable on his day.

As for tomorrow, I’d take a pint and keep our fine recent run going.


We’re away so it shouldn’t take as long as when we play at home to get one.


3-1 win. That promotion push has to start somewhere. And tomorrow is a good day to do it.

I also love Polish vodka :grin::wink:


Good choice :wink:

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