Port Vale (A) Sat 23rd January, 3pm

'Ey up duck, we’re off the Vale on Saturday. Or something like that.

We take a trip back into the 1970’s when we visit Burslem on Saturday, loads of terraced houses and smog from all the factories are the backdrop to a local derby against Port Vale.

News from the Vale camp in the relatively short time since we’ve played them is as follows:

  • Harry McKirdy and Theo Robinson transfer listed for being bad influences
  • John Askey sacked as manager
  • Danny Pugh as caretaker manager
  • Danny Pugh will be missing on Saturday as he is isolation from Covid-19. Port Vale will be led by Frank Sinclair and Billy Paynter

Players to have played for both clubs (in more recent times) include:

Ben Purkiss
Kris Taylor
Theo Vassell
Clayton McDonald
Hector Sam
Rhys Weston
Danny Sonner

Port Vale last six games:

26th Dec - Barrow (H) - Lost 2-0
29th Dec - Bradford City (A) - Drew 0-0
2nd Jan - Mansfield Town (A) - Lost 4-0
9th Jan - Grimsby Town (H) - Won 3-0
12th Jan - Sunderland (A) (FLT3) - Lost 2-0
16th Jan - Forest Green Rovers (A) - Drew 1-1

I’ll leave predictions to you all as to the starting line up, but I think we should stick with largely the same starting XI as the last two games, with Cameron Norman coming in to replace White.

Hoping for another entertaining game full of goals like the last one, with a Saddlers win once again. How about you?

Port Vale vs Walsall
  • Port Vale Win
  • Goalless Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Not gonna bother watching this, really isn’t enjoyable anymore, feels more like a chore these days… I know you take rough with the smooth but just always seems to be the rough with walsall, its even harder watching other teams have success who have come from lower leagues


I’ll second that not gonna bother can’t be arsed.

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I got where you both are 2 games ago :pensive: :wink:

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Think with not being able to go aswell just makes it worse, we are heading for non league really, with our budget always one of the lowest whatever league we are in we are always going to go backwards… Jeff bonser you have milked this club for all you could and then some…

I think we will win this and as a supporter I will watch it.


Looking forward to it.
Think we will sneak it

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As ■■■■■■ off as I am I’ll still end up bloody buying it can’t help it.


First game I won’t be able to watch. On a rota for delivering the late arrival parcels so I’ll be working til 5:30/6pm. DAB in the van though so I’ll pick up the commentary somewhere hopefully.

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4-3 win :grin:

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They will be up for this after losing a 2-0 lead, i fear a dicking

Me too mate.
That’s why I try not to bend over whenever I tie my shoelaces.


Done pretty well v them in last few years. Took the mick with the 5-0 there and think overall it’s 3 wins in a row when Vale Park was a bogey away ground not so long ago (amongst other things).

Will go for 1-2. They have some good attacking players in their squad so surprised how poorly they’re doing.

Well I think that the magic sorting hat will finally deliver a balanced, attacking formation so its a win for the lads.
I’ll be watching it.

1-1 draw because we never draw so we’re due one Tyreik Wright to bench warm again.


Got us down for a 2-1 win, will probably spend my tenner-- and look forward to watching hazy misty vision interspersed with a naval window cleaner in operation (as Morecambe) - all adds to the experience of ifollow — hang-on, could say most matches of old, have been hazy and misty depending on the beer!

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Hope Ifollow is better that was like watching an 80s pirate video on tuesday night.


80s Pirate Video


That looks brilliant :joy: :joy: :joy: i must have missed that back in the day? i am going to look on my firestick now to see if someone has uploaded it, as a massive fan of life of brian i think i would enjoy that :+1:

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Arrr hazy and misty Fiona Richmond ( you need to be of a certain age to know her)