Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


Just got back from the game, amazed to see Leahy getting the blame to be honest and I’d argue I hate him as a footballer more than anyone on here.

First was Dobbo’s fault (yes, he really can get blamed for stuff y’know?) and the second was Kinsella’s. Both really poor too and totally avoidable which is the most frustrating thing. That said, on another night Pompey would have stuck away two or three clear chances they created.

Not too sure what the starting line up was all about and was disappointed to see Cook dropped to the bench. He’s been vital to so many attacks recently with his knock ons and clever touches, one of which he did almost as soon as he came on.

Ferrier is starting to worry me, I’m a big fan but he was hardly in the game tonight at all. I expect him to go back to the bench on Saturday hopefully along with Wilson who I’m yet to see have a performance above 5/10.

Ending on a positive though, that’s the toughest game of the season out of the way.


I think a large number of posters on this forum need to wise up!

I mean what did we genuinely expect to get from last nights game ?? We are an average/poor league 1 side and nothing more.


Suspect team selection last night. Cook would be the first name on the team sheet for me, and I think I’d have returned Wilson by now. What’s Kouyar up to? Still, Portsmouth are a much stronger side than us, and are brilliant on the break, they didn’t get out of 1st gear to dispose of us, and probably should have had a pen early on too. Let’s see where we’re at Saturday week. Our league form is dross.


How anyone could blame the full backs for the Pompey goals is beyond me. I think it shows a complete lack of understanding of the game. The first came from a deflected cross which landed straight on the head of a 6ft 5 centre forward. The deflection could have gone anywhere. The second came because of a woeful team corner for which the coaches as well as the players must take the blame. I am getting a little fed up of all this negativity on here. We are securely mid table, we play at times some lovely football but we are a touch naive. As the players get more experienced then we will see better. Don’t lose heart folks and get behind the team this Saturday and the game after which are both important in the context of the season.


I think I understand more in my little finger about the game.


Cooke is not fit enough to play Saturday, Tuesday , Saturday against the two best teams in the division…

We’ve know this since day 1 … why are people surprised he was rested ???


The thing is it wasn’t an unlucky deflection. Dobbo has stuck his leg out in some unnatural position just to get something on it and take a gamble in the area to see where it goes. It was stupidity from him.

Agree with all that though. Reminded me of the early Dean Smith days.


I can’t wait until people realise that he’s probably told to do that :roll_eyes:


Kouyar was with the Development Squad at Newcastle Town (Staffs Senior Cup, lost 4-2)


but the ball could have gone anywhere off Dobson though although it is likely we would have cleared it if he hadn’t intervened.Anyway its done and the main point of my post was that we must look ahead and get behind the team.


We’re definitely average rather than poor - this is a pretty predictable season where we are generally beating teams below us and losing to teams above, with the odd draw and cup win thrown in.

If anything, last night was the ideal game to tinker with the line up and/or rest players like Cook, and we came out of it with a totally predictable 2-0 defeat.

Just like Saturday’s late equaliser, in the grand scheme of things you can’t be too disappointed with our return in recent weeks given the easy start we had - a mixed bag of fixtures coming up in December where I expect us to be… average :smiley:


Keates has been back at the club for 7 months, he’s been a full time manager for just over 2 years.

He’s had one transfer window to make good on two years of decline. He’s had to shift deadwood, rebuild the front line and accept that there are contracted players that he can’t move on until next summer.

I’m not suggesting mistakes aren’t being made, and that certain things don’t need to improve fast - but there wasn’t going to be a full turn on the Whitney era for at least 12-18 months.

Let’s have a little bit of perspective.


But he shouldn’t just be gambling like that. Really annoying that golden boy Dobbo can’t get any stick. If that was Leahy people would be calling for Deano to rip up his contract. We’re all behind the team, constructive criticism after a game and having opinions on performances is getting behind the team. Shows we care, shows we want them to improve.


To be honest I don’t think people are annoyed at the results as such, I’m not anyway. It’s the way in which these results come about. I’d have been far happier losing last night if at 60 minutes we made positive attacking changes like bringing Cook on. It was an obvious move but it took until the 78th minute. Keates just needs to wise up, and whats frustrating is that I feel like I’m saying that a lot recently. It’s constructive criticism from me, I want him to have time.


Don’t know if Cook was rested tonight, but agree, it’s the nature of defeat rather than the result itself - mistakes, conceding penalties, late goals etc.

The big problem is that so many people in and around the first team right now are learning or adapting, including the manager. Look through the squad and try to pick out the seasoned League One performers - we have a 21-year-old captain, players across the team (either from lower leagues or Scotland) that are adjusting to playing at this level and the rest are our youngsters or young loanees.

The truth is, newly arrived Martin aside, that the most experienced players in the squad, the ones that help to guide the rest of the players and prevent mistakes, are either long-term injured (Chambers and Edwards) or recovering from injury/struggling for fitness (Osbourne).

Experience is a major deficit at the moment and it’s beginning to show.


The truth is I’m happy to accept these deficiencies because we are so much better than I, most reasonable fans and the bookies expected us to be and you can see where this team can progress and grow, over time. Dobson has had a rough couple of weeks but is a very good league one midfielder and will only flourish as a 21 year old captain. Guthrie has visibly stepped up this year as have the full backs (yeah, I know). All still young for defenders. Kinsella, who admittedly had a poor game last night, was a player I’d written off before this season, he looks a completely different man.

While we remain where we are or maybe even lower I’ll take the rough with the smooth. Does that make me a happy clapper? Because I’m happy it looks like we will completely avoid a relegation dog fight? Maybe but I see it as exceeding expectations.

As for Keates, he made a mistake not playing or introducing Cook earlier. I got the Wilson change though. Particularly with Zeli out. Morris was panned on here for the Sunderland game and to be fair played a part in both goals. He would have had a very similar role last night and considering he fluffed his lines a few days ago I can see the logic in starting Wilson (and wouldn’t be suprised if he plays against Sunderland as well, that should rustle some jimmies).


Agree. It’s all a work in progress and we’re at a very early stage, but this team is already better than the one we had last season.



If that stat is correct, I think it shows just how much the rest of the team flatter to deceive.

Definately a work in progress, plenty of positives to be seen compared to the Whitney era, but some worrying overhangs. I’m not one who blames Leahy for everything, he’s very weak in the challenge and doesn’t close down enough…I think there’s a wider problem with the way we play, evidenced by the fact we gave away two soft goals last night from actually having possession. For me, the wingers do not work hard enough, the team in general do not work hard enough to keep the ball, and once we’ve lost it, we’re very very passive.


You may have a point about Morris and Zeli but Ginnelly works his socks off. It’s noticeable how little protection Leahy has when he isn’t in the team.

Of course. No credit to Leahy, the rest of this midtable team is ■■■■.