Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


Just seen us try to play out from the back which I’ve not seen for a long time.


Ok spoke too soon 1-0, we should have lumped it .


Burton Albion 1 Charlton Athletic 0 (26 min)

Luton Town 1 Bradford City 0


We’re our own worst enemy half the time. Lost count of the amount of times we’ve given the ball away under no pressure. Some really unintelligent play that just bring pressure on us.

And where on earth are our wingers when our full backs have the ball? Way too high, or hiding, cos Devlin and Leahy no options.


We did lump it, but as usual the ball came straight back at us.


Despite the scoreline a miles better performance than v Burton and Charlton combined.

Onto the fourth corner…


Luton winning again. They’ll win the league at the rate they’re going.


Sunderland 3 Barnsley 0


They do look good when they start pinging it about, the iFollow cameraman can’t keep up.


when i tried to pay to watch it, it told me that i couldn’t in my location? looks like Brownhills has been blacklisted


We’ve gotta work on ball retention. Some of this is awful. There’s a possession turnover to us, then immediately with give them the ball back. Relieves all pressure on Pompey.

The long ball out from the back bypasses everyone and so far I don’t think a long-ball hasn’t resulted in the loss of possession. It’s stupid.


Surprise surprise, guess which comedy double act were at fault. Cross from Devlin’s side (again) and Leahy.

They’ll be gone in the summer.


Ferrier having a good game.




Im not sure its entirely the fault of the full backs.

Leahy is certainly very weak in the challenge, and he gets targetted, but look at our options when the full backs have the ball at their feet, every one is facing the opposite direction. The result is that they just hoof it, and it comes back almost straight away, then they get stretched out of position.

I’d be more inclined to look at where our front 4 are, and how much work off the ball they are doing to help us transition from defence to attack.


Pompey are 1-0 up an comfortable, they’ve not had to work at all to be 1-0 up.


I must be watching a different game Phil. I think we are doing well against the league leaders

Expectations, maybe?


Can’t fault our effort, we’re giving 100% but Pompey as I said earlier are just doing enough and have gears to move up.


Yeah we’re doing ok not expected to win at the leaders with our young team . Wish people would cut the team a bit of slack instead of all the negativity. Pisses me off :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:


No one is suggesting otherwise I don’t think… I would be happy with a point, but not upset at all with a loss.

This is a side in transition. I will point out what is wrong though - and it’s quite obvious. Our defence is clearly not functioning well, and not good enough. Devlin, Leahy and Guthrie need to be binned in the summer for this to progress.