Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


But you can’t point out the frailties Phil, it’s being too negative!

It’s not… it’s being realistic. We have some very very very naive players, with poor decision-making, and woeful positional sense.


2-0 up and they’ve not broken a sweat.

We had about 8 chances to stop that break from OUR OWN corner, and didnt


We put in a great performance against 10-men Sunderland, I didn’t mind the 2 late goals, thats how the cookie crumbles, but this is pathetic, it’s Whitey-esque, as was Burton.


Charlton was easily worse than tonight.


At this point, with nothing to lose, should Andy Cook be brought on to mix things up a bit?


Save him for Saturday, this game is gone.

184 Saddlers, very fair play to every one of 'em. Wouldn’t bother with this trip if it was a Saturday 3pm.


Wilson booked for diving.


Sunderland 3 Barnsley 2 … (60 min)

Walsall yellow card, 60 minutes … Kane Wilson (diving). Nicky Devlin was booked on 55 minutes

Attendance at Fratton Park tonight 16,794

Walsall substitution, 63 minutes …

Fleetwood Town 3 Coventry City 0


Connor Ronan on for Ginnelly. Was apparently at Pompey last season.


I think someone will need to remind McGilivray tomorrow that he played a game tonight. He’s had absolutely nothing to do


Ginnelly limped off apparently…lets hope it isn’t another bad one.I notice Fleetwood beating Coventry 3-0…makes our result there look better.


Was you expecting him to totally overworked all nite Phil :see_no_evil:


As things stand we are still in the top half of the table (just) … Fleetwood have taken our 11th place.


Sorry I forgot, expecting anything but an abysmal defeat is being too optimistic. FFS.


Cook on.


Walsall’s 2nd substitution, 77 minutes … Andy Cook replaces Gordon

Portsmouth yellow card, 81 minutes


WM just made interesting observation: 8 out of last 9 games Walsall conceded two or more goals. Keep on saying it but Fitzwater needs to be starting, maybe a back 3 wouldn’t be such a bad idea at this stage of the season.


Oh dear … Dobson yellow card (82 min) - does that bring a red???


Abysmal defeat? It doesn’t sound like that on WM…Ok we are losing to a team with more points than anyone else. With the line up we had to put out is anyone really surprised that we are losing? It doesn’t sound to me that the performance has been that bad.
One other point since Martin displaced Fitzwater we have conceded many more goals. I am not saying he is a bad player but it is clear that the defence as a whole has suffered without Fitzwater.


No but out of Sunderland cup game now.