Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


That’s what I meant … :wink:


When does Russel Greenpeace’s “influence” kick in ?


Wycombe get a late winner at Accrington who’s golden run looks over now.


Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 86 minutes .(Kieron Morris replaces Wilson)… and the point is?


I’m yet to find anyone that does ‘get’ @philthesaddler

He doesn’t understand why he isn’t manager and why they bother with all the ex pro footballers and all that coaching badge nonsense…


Im confused. Either we turned up and made a game of it, never allowing Pompey to step up, or we stayed on the coach and left Leahy and Devlin to cover the pitch while they ran rings round us.

Or was it somewhere in the middle?


Luton Town 4 Bradford City 0

If you want to feel sorry for a goalkeeper consider Richard O’Donnell. City are bottom of the table, goal difference -21, losing 4-0, and he’s been yellow carded tonight!!!


He dosen’t half make some odd moves, joined Northampton in January last season. No doubt he again has a relegation get out clause.


Watching the match on ifollow can honestly say I can’t wait until we get rid of leahy. Can’t the bloke make a pass on the floor everytime he gets it he hoofs it and gives possession back to opposition. Definatly out weakest link. Also what’s with those stupid short corners


Trust me, it has been an abysmal defeat - I’ve watched it live.

Not a single shot on target I dont think, Pompey have barely had to break sweat to win, they wont have an easier game all season, 2 of the softest goals conceded from us having possession. They literally didn’t get out of 1st gear.

I can take getting beaten by a much better side if we give it a good go - but that performance tonight, just like Burton, just like Southend was incredibly poor.


Keates has got it completely wrong tonight. What I find most baffling is waiting until the 78th minute to bring on your top goal scorer when you’ve been 2-0 down for nearly half an hour.

■■■■■■■ wise up Keates, I’m sick of saying it!


And I don’t get you.

5 defeats in 8 and we surrender limply away to Pompey without having a shot on target and all is rosy? FFS.

The same run of performances under Whitney would have you lot screaming blue murder.


Yet this was the man who had 11 assists last year!!!


Don’t believe the uber-positive Saddlers player commentary on WM. That was an atrocious performance.


We are so easy to play against. Lazy, slow and one dimensional. Why we don’t attack the bye line and get crosses in for Cook to attack is beyond me. Young and inexperienced?? Only the forward line at this level but they don’t seem to be learning. The rest have played for several seasons!!


I don’t think he will miss Sunderland - bookings are competition specific now, so I think he’ll miss our next league game, which is Coventry.


and the mid field…thats only 6 of tonights team!!!


How can anyone say we played well?! We offered ■■■■ all against a team who didn’t even get out of first gear. Shocking display all round (including Keates).


How do you know about the commentary if you were at the game?


I don’t think anyone has said we played well. I agree about DK …Cook has in really good form and his exclusion baffled me.