Portsmouth (A) Tue 27th Nov, 7.45pm


I think he means he watched it on iFollow. Live. With a commentary.


I don’t think Funk has had his brain tablets tonight. Too busy trying to disagree with me (as he is pre-programmed to do) than to actually use his brain.


Rubbish - thumping defeat coming up on Saturday - a long trip back home. The manager got it all wrong again and include the cheap backstop coaches!! Out and bring back Whits and SOD - we’re trying stuff well out of our league, than again a team full of ex none league rubbish.


Beat Coventry at home. Our fans didn’t turn up , got a draw at fleetwood should have won . Draw with Sunderland we should have won. in games that no one gave us a chance. And lost tonight against a team who will go up this year . Stop the moaning and move on to our next set of easier league games and a cup tie on Saturday that we could cause an upset with a crowd and all behind the team


Not really the last 6 but this is really ■■■■■■■ boring now.

Any cross, any goal, any shot. Full backs of course. Nobody else in the team, just them. Managing to blame both full backs for one goal? Outstanding.


Beaten by a better team. Really isn’t that much more to say about it.


You could say that our record is now pretty much the same as last season except that we’ve scored a lot fewer goals whilst letting the same number in :wink: That should get a few frothing at the mouth :slight_smile:


come on peeps, we all just hoped that we would put up a decent performance tonight, and for most of the game (from what i heard) we did, i expected us to lose tonight so it was no great shakes, i just thought that deano’s team selection was a bit suspect? but if he can learn ANOTHER lesson from tonights game then it all bodes well for either our next encounter with pompey or indeed for the rest of the season, it’s a work in progress at the moment, and as long as it leads to something better then so be it :smiley:


I dont think we were decent. We offered nothing. Portsmouth were in first gear.


Like i said mate, the team selection tonight was suspect, and for some reason i couldn’t watch it? so i have to go on the ifollow commentary and it didn’t SOUND bad.


Why would you even go to the game if u are so bitter about the team :see_no_evil: UTS


Odd game this evening. I thought we were in control for large chunks of the game. It looked like we should have had a penalty before we scored our first and went in to half time feeling as though we might regret not scoring more than the one we had. The early goal in the second half made things a great deal more comfortable although from the other end of the ground the incident where your player went down in the box and got booked looked as much a penalty as the one we could have had before.

Observations on your side were that you looked well organised, committed and heads didn’t seem to go down at all after either of the goals. I suspect had you got (and scored) the penalty in the second half that the remainder of the game would have been a bit more nerve-wracking from our perspective.

Wishing you the best of luck for your game in the cup at the weekend and the rest of the season.


Looks like Keates agrees with me :upside_down_face:


Thanks for that mate our supporters somehow think because we have had decent start to the season . We should be beating yourselfs who are flying and I think will go up this year .


Yeah, nobody else has mentioned that we might, at some stage, look at replacing certain players.

Big difference between that and scape goating certain players for EVERY ■■■■■■■ GOAL.


In Keates I believe he has brought some good signings in mainly offensively due to players being under contract give him time and sure he will sort our defensive side out . Be positive UTS


If you want to watch that short corner over and over again:
Overseas/downloadable version


Having seen the goals now really not sure what Leahy could’ve done about the first, the huge deflection pretty much makes it a perfect cross for Hawkins to run onto. Far too easy for the Pompey player to turn from the throw in anyway.

Second one was a woeful cross from Kinsella from the useless short corner. Devlin then with a weak header on halfway line but still lots to do. Jamal Lowe then twists Kinsella inside out before hitting a lovely cross into the box. Ball still should’ve been cleared but think it was Wilson that couldn’t sort his feet.

It’s too easy to blame the full backs, goals being conceded are really a team effort atm (was same v Sunderland). Either the shape isn’t right or the team just can’t handle playing the better ones in the league which is hardly an incredible observation when you look at the woeful record v top half so far this season.


Well said mate .said without making a complete mockery of individuals . Look Keates kept us up last year .and up until a day before the season started we were relegation certainties . It’s a new start after the whitney years . Are things as bad as I keep hearing on this site ( mostly about our fullbacks) from some supporters?


No no it’s always their fault. Ignore the frailities in the rest of the squad. Just lazily blame two players then act all superior about it.