Prediction League 2: 2023-24 - Intro & Table

Afternoon all and we are a week away from the new football league campaign and another attempt to see if we can get ourselves up and out of the depths of League 2!

A year ago, I started the prediction league campaign with this introduction:

Good morning everyone and here we are again at the dawn of a new football league season (yes, already!) when many of us are still trying to get over the last one and failed hopes and disappointments, once again! Well, let’s hope this season brings us more to cheer about and that the newly assembled squad that Michael Flynn has put together will see a rise in performance and consistency.

All looks depressingly familiar eh? Well I guess I could have just subbed in Mat Sadler for Michael Flynn and started the ball rolling again! Let’s hope we aren’t talking about ‘Sadlerball’ in a similar vein to what became ‘Flynnball’ last season.

Anyway, I digress, so let’s get back to other matters and introduce a new season’s prediction league. Last year saw a good battle and a few predictors fought out the top spots, exchanging the lead several times and then one or two late surges of form that kept the interest going. It also saw some of the more ‘seasoned campaigners’ having to put up with an upper mid-table performance - maybe their legs have gone, maybe they have lost the motivation, maybe they were just looking for one last payday, but what it did mean was a little more humility, one or two winding their neck in most of the time (!) and altogether a much more civilised prediction league!! Maybe we’ll get that this season too, but there’s always room for some banter and antics, especially if the delights of League 2 football week in week out, don’t get our pulses racing!!

This season, we are going to try one or two new things, to keep it ‘fresh’ and see how it works out - who know it may help to keep the competition and interest going, as well as help people ‘plan for next season’, as all the best football managers say every now and then. So, this season, we’re going to introduce the mid-season split into 2 tiers / divisions / tables or whatever you want to think them as. This will then create some promotion and relegation aspect to the league, right up until the final game, which will in turn inform next season’s campaign. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say so here goes!

For those who haven’t played before or are new to UTS, here is what you do (if you want to take part):

  1. Choose 3 of the games from the game week post that has the set of fixtures and predict their result and scoreline;
  2. You score 2 points if you get the exact scoreline correct and 1 point if you get the result correct but not the scoreline (e.g. you predict Walsall 7 v 7 Bradford City but it actually ends up 6 v 6). So you are playing for 6 points each week.
  3. After the games are finished, a table is created and updated on a weekly basis to show how people are doing.
  4. There are weekly winners announced and we keep track of how many weekly wins there are for people across the season alongside the overall winner with most points accumulated.
  5. If games get postponed, you can either change your predictions or I will keep a record of p-p games so that any points can be awarded after the re-arranged game is played.
  6. If a game week ends up with less than 6 games due to postponements, then it will be voided and that game week carries over to the next round of matches.
  7. There should be 46 game weeks but may adjust depending on point 6 above. The mid-season split will come around game 23 and, again, depending on point 6 above.
  8. Anyone who misses the start of the season / first few games is still more than welcome to join in the fun!

Key Rules:

  1. You must have the predictions in before the kick off of the games otherwise they are void.
  2. If you miss some games (for example at 3pm but there are 2 games at 5.30 kick off) you can still predict the later games.
  3. If someone doesn’t predict for 5 game weeks in a row, they will be taken off the table, but can join back in again and will be re-instated into the table if so.
  4. If you mis-copy games so the teams are wrong then they will be void as well (if you can’t get that right then tough luck!)
  5. Predictions can be PMd to me if you would rather avoid any skullduggery from certain people ‘copying’ predictions, although we are all big girls and boys so shouldn’t need this really!!
  6. Some fun banter and predictor sledging is permitted and all part of the friendly yet competitive edge to proceedings but keep it decent and resist too much self promotion or adulation - remember pride comes before a fall and you’ll just end up looking a bit of a wally!! :wink:

Here is the final table from last season so you can study form and who to look out for or needs knocking off their perch!

The first prediction week will be up and running shortly - have fun everyone!


Many thanks JJ … as I’ll be away for the whole of August I’ve messaged you with my “pot luck” selections - hopefully you’ve received them?

Peter (Welsh_Saddler)

Hi Peter, yes I have them.
At first I couldn’t see a private message in my inbox with them on but I found that you had put them in a chat message instead so panic over!
I will add them to each of the game week threads for you.
Enjoy your time away!

The first table of the new prediction league season and what a weird and disappointing first day of football it was! With all the ‘big names’ and fancied teams losing it left scoring very low indeed and only 3 predictors got more than 1 point, with nearly half of people scoring a blob in their very first week!!

The winning score was 3 points so well done to derbysaddler for being the first weekly winner of this season!

The thread for next Saturday’s games is up and running so better luck with the second set of games!

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I’m taking that as equal 5th my position ever! :partying_face:

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I knew there was a reason why I chose a username beginning with ‘A’ :wink:

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Did you really have to put the table in alphabetical order? Previous seasons prove I’ll be bottom soon enough as it is without your help :thinking:

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Ha ha, sorry mate! Don’t worry, you’ll come good this season, I just know it!:wink:

Only three points off the top! :kissing:

Updated table after today’s games, and what a difference a week makes! Not only for the Saddlers on the pitch, but also for the prediction league, where we had excellent scoring and not one blob (which is a rarity in itself!). Lots of 3 pointers, a couple of 4 pointers and a usually week-winning 5 pointer for JoaquinErnesto but late in the predictions came our first perfect 6 pointer of the season, achieved by tinned - well done on winning this week mate!

Early doors, I know, but with that win, he has gone from bottom to top spot! Obviously lots of movement in these initial weeks and there are a couple of seasoned predictors who have joined the party in the second week. The more the merrier so others can join in when you want!

Tuesday night sees our first midweek set of games and the thread is up and running now so don’t forget your predictions over the next few days.


Have I entered an an alternative universe? :hushed:


Get in there @tinned. Last seasons basket case predictors of to a flyer in the top 2 spots!
Actually gutted as I was just boasting about my 5 points to the missus, and now I’ve checked… and you’ve gone the whole hog, well done mate! :sob:

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Cheers mate :rofl:

We’ve both gotta keep up the early season form :wink:

Well done Tinned.


Yes , it’s about stamina…I may have peaked too early at other points in the past. :flushed:

Updated table after this evening’s games. And just like the Saddlers, we go from one game week of great success to the next being a great disappointment. Only a handful of predictors scored more than 0 or 1 point but the winning score was a very good 5 points, achieved by DonningtonSaddler - well done!

Saturday’s games are already up and running so dust yourself off, cut out the individual errors and maybe you’ll do better than tonight!


Updated table after today’s games. Mixed bag of scoring with a few of the ‘favoured’ teams still seemingly finding their feet this season, as well as the crazy goal-fests in certain games making some predictions look a bit silly!

The winning score was 4 points, achieved by Pingu and derbysaddler (2nd weekly win already!) - well done to both of you!

The game week for next Saturday, as well as the first Sat of September as I will be away for the week leading up to it.


After a great start ive dropped off like a stone. Manager in trouble already

Updated table after today’s games. Far from electric scoring and a mixed bag thanks to the likes of early pace setters Gillingham losing at home to lowly Colchester - it’s a funny ol’game!

The winning score was 4 points, achieved by addo, Belphegor and Jayelar - well done to the three of you!

Next Saturday’s games are already up and running so add your predictions when you want, just watch out for the early game!


Well at least i am on the right page :grin: or should that be the left? :wink: