Prediction League 2: 2023-24 - Intro & Table

Same here and missed out with the last minute goal in the same game. But on the other hand Stockports last minute goal gave me an extra point in my predicted 4-2 win for Stockport

These things even them selves out eventually

Thought I may as well correct the table now as it was quick and easy to do.
Jayelar back in the deserved top spot!


The first thing I thought when I saw the original was how come Bloody Saddlesore had gone top with two points when I’d gone down a place with three. But it doesn’t take much to find a grievance when it comes to him.

The fact you have gone from 7th to joint 8th is more to do with saddla getting 4 points so has moved up the table and now level with you.

Don’t worry, there is no conspiracy involving our eastern friend!:wink::+1:


I thought the official rules said there was no need for actual evidence when forming a grudge against him. In fact, it says the less the better. Or should do anyway…


Nerxt time I make my picks I’ll check to make sure I’ve not got the same as @addo again. If I have I’ll change them. :wink:

To repeat last season’s question - “What’s a weekly win?” :man_shrugging:

Ha ha, you’re just a model of consistency - you don’t need the boost of a weekly win!! :yum:

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Updated table after today’s games and very good scoring across the board - the great and consistent form of some teams is making point scoring very good at the moment.
The winning score was 5 points achieved by 4 people - stig231, Morty (a weekly win at last!), DonningtonSaddler (4th weekly win!) and Harlequin - well done to you all!

Next Saturday’s games, as well as the following Tuesday fixtures, are up and running now.


Hunting down already!

Not sure I’ve ever finished above @chunkster but early days, not counting chickens etc…

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Didn’t realise you’d been that shite :joy::wink:


I might even catch him


My highest finish was 6th? but I was still behind him ( & it shows what rubbish you remember but I had been 2 minutes late posting on one set of games that year & wasn’t allowed - a theoretical 4 points down the drain that would have seen me in the top 3!)


Rules are da rules! :wink:

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Hard but fair.

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Go me! And only a point off top too! :grinning:

From the sublime to the ridiculous (sort of!) Fantastic scoring last game week to this week, when not many people scored more than a solitary point!
The winning score was unsurprisingly then, only 3 points, but achieved by hullsaddler, ManchesterSaddler, Michal and Exile - well done to all of you!

Tuesday night’s games are already up and running so get the predictions in before the 7.45pm kick offs.

Then, next weekend, we have the 2nd round of the FA Cup prediction league - those game will be posted as soon as possible for those 32 players who are in the 8 groups and playing it.