Prediction League 2018/19

:sparkler: Greetings one and all! :sparkler:

As the new season approaches with its all too familiar mix of hope, concern, frustration and existential angst, what better way to alleviate or compound these issues than plunging bravely into the compelling battle of wits that is the one and only UTS Prediction League?

#voted ‘second most entertaining thing to do on the internet’ by Alan Partridge and Jeef Boner in Wot’s Happn’n Worsul !?!

The rules remain as straightforward as ever - simply predict the scores of any three games in League One per game-week. As an added incentive to the visceral ecstasy of besting your friends and rivals, this year there is a CASH PRIZE and regular SPOT PRIZES throughout the year, generously donated by our site owner!

Who can join: Anyone at any time!

So get your thinking caps on, pull out those pages of secret algorithms, dust off that drawer full of lucky charms and look out for game weeks and this stickied UTS Prediction League thread for the league updates. Get ready for (probably) one of the highlights of our season! :soccer:

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!! :trophy:

Where’s the usual predictions of massive superiority and winning the league by Christmas that we have grown to know and love?
Not this year matey! It’s mine! ALL MINE! ALL MINE!

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Important point. Does the “Pinnacle Rule” work in reverse? In making predictions for this, are you automatically disqualified from making observations on contemporary events?

LOL Don’t wake the beast!!!


You are responsible for your own destiny. You may or may not receive £350mm per week.


Oh God, you’ve only gone and done it…

They have even invaded this thread now only match reports left.

First game Walsall loses to Plymouth and Keats blames it on brexit.


Fake bus!
Where’s the proper one with the “This is not a commitment, only a suggestion” livery?
Or was it actually only on the undercarriage of this fecking monstrosity?

Come on lads, this thread has nothing to do with Brexit. Keep it to the relevant ones.

A few innocent jokes were made, we don’t want another bloody debate about it.


or it will end up by being blocked and i won’t be able to see if i have won this year :smile:

Agreed but did you also notice the innocent jokes were not aimed at anyone ?
On to the predictions.
I predict I will be mid to lower table this year.

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Fake profile

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Hence why I called them innocent?

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Is it that time of the year already!!
The Prediction League is back with a bang, on a new site, with new incentives - cash prizes (can I get a woop woop!)
matt_saddlesore has pretty much explained what to do, but just to add, the 3 games you predict can be anything - draws, home wins, away wins and they must be done before the kick off times of the games (no allowances for a minute late!)
The week’s games are usually set up on a Mon / Tues eve for the Saturday, so plenty of time for you get the predictions in. An updated table is posted each week to see who is where and what movement there has been after the games. Below is how it all finished last season. Best of luck for this year and may you all have some fun!


Can the person running the prediction league be barred from entering!???

Insider trading and all that!?? :wink:

Morty … I think you’ve just qualified for a 10 point deduction!!! :laughing:

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As a brand user who is new to this, completely new, having never done it before, I have been following it for the last 12 consecutive seasons, without fail.

A couple of outstanding facts spring to mind over that period. What an absolutely brilliant and marvellous predictor that SAIGON SADDLER is. A truly amazing series of results, including two victories, a cornucopia of 2nds and 3rds, needless to say without missing a single game week in all that time. 144 months of consecutive success, that’s nearly 700 weeks of triumph.

As a result I have elected to continue his outstanding, genius legacy and post of his behalf, as he struggles to work through his ongoing anger and social issues while confined to the psychotic wing of Broadmoor Hospital, following a fall and bruised knee while jogging.

In a recent, mostly incoherent, e-mail, he insisted that I post this to ‘put the fear of Jesus’ into various people including ‘Moanchester, SaDDa and the Welsh’

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Glad I’m too insignificant for this Saigon type. Doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to mee5…

I think he did mention someone having a good couple of seasons a while ago. :nerd_face: