Protest! What protest?

First I’ve heard of this,can’t see it being very effective,if you have about 50 fans,spread around the ground,turning their backs.


Well, now you have heard about it.



Well,it’s a bit late in the day to announce it,is my point.:thinking:

Your gilt edge invite not arrive in the post, Sid?

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It’s been spoken about since the middle of last week on this forum and various social media sites. A lot of people are aware of it. Feel free to not join in but please don’t knock it or denigrate the efforts of others just for the sake it.

I turned my back on the team years ago,and it’s made as much difference as todays protest will…none.Why don’t you get everyone to scratch their left ear after 18mins,it will have just as much impact.Nothing will change until it gets so bad that everyone feels the need to protest and effectively impacts Bonser’s private and business life to the extent that he can’t just ignore the protests.

Who cares about how you protest ? Just protest!


Why don’t you just say…

“This protest is stupid, but I have literally no other suggestions so I’ll just ridicule those who are actually trying to achieve change.”

Everything has to start somewhere and I hope this is the beginning of a real movement of change at WFC.


This protest is stupid, but I have literally no other suggestions so I’ll just ridicule those who are actually trying to achieve change:::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Do you understand symbolism?

Yes I do,I also know what futile means… a few people standing up isn’t going to put Jeff off…it’s the last game of the season…so it won’t even gain momentum and be followed in future weeks…by the time next season comes, JB will have pulled off his normal trick of bringing in a new manager, which will keep enough fans happy and keep everyone off his back.

Yow was always a Man U fan anyroad :joy::joy:

Just seen Joe Masi twitter feed,he reckons “half a dozen people stood up “ that’ll show em…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

It is a bit ■■■■ mate

I would just like to thank the 6 people who took part in this (what i’m sure in years to come,will be known as the great 2019 back turning protest) even though I have it on great authority that 2 of them only stood up to try and ease the pressure of a particularly persistent wedgie . Power to the people!

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Well played. Have a celebratory doughnut.

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Thank you,I’ll have one later :bagel::bagel::bagel:

I think in the context of how the team were playing first 15 minutes, and the result that occurred it was right that the fans didn’t properly protest and eventually got behind the team. I and a few others turned around and starting chanting but there was not mass participation - fair enough. As with all things like this, it needs full backing to be effective and when it was clear it was not catching on we stopped. Keep your head away of your exhaust pipe SidSwifty, the fumes are killing off your last remaining brain cells

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Erm…does that mean I was absolutely 100% correct then Calculator??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m not going to gratify you with a response. The protest didn’t take off, your ‘prediction’ had no bearing on that. What a sad little life you must lead being happy that something designed to show fan anger and apathy at the regime didn’t succeed. You are part of the problem. Please don’t feel the need to respond.

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