Enough is enough.

I don’t know if the Southend game is appropriate - but something has to be said and done for the Peterborough game at least.

This dereliction of duty not only (and mainly) of the stewardship of our club, but the sheer contempt of then players towards the fans needs voicing.

This isn’t about long term change, this isn’t about plans, this isn’t about making a difference. This isn’t stepping on the toes of the brilliant efforts of WSFC.

This is about visceral anger and letting the players know they have not only let us down, but embarrassed us.

This can’t go on. This is the worst Walsall side in my life time.

Get ready to make your voices heard. Who else is going to say or do something?



I respect the sentiment but I honestly think any form of protest is completely pointless now. Our owner does not care and regardless of what division we end up in or the average attendance he will still be collecting his pound of flesh.

It may make fans feel better to let rip at the club but let’s look at the big picture… they do not give a flying ■■■■ about us. The players, the board, the owner all see us a irritation to be tolerated (at best) and we can shout n scream all we like because nothing will change under the current regime.

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I’m up for this at the Peterborough game - before, during or after. Let’s make ourselves heard.



how about the open training day.



I’d rather direct my anger towards Bonser and his puppets than the players.

I totally agree that 99.9% of them have been a ■■■■■■■ disgrace but hopefully we won’t ever see most of them in a Walsall shirt again after this sorry season has ended.

Unfortunately Bonser et al will still be dragging this club down long into the future. We (IMO) need to direct the anger at the root cause of our problems.



One off protest after we are relegated will do nothing.

We need sustained, coordinated, intelligent and peaceful protest, that is a campaign, not a one off. That the media are made aware of and that puts big pressure on the board.

I’m in for the latter.



Protest - but only after we’re safe or are definitely down. Don’t give them the excuse of saying the fans got on our backs so that contributed to us going down.



Yep. Agree with that.

We can’t sit here and let this go can we?

@WiltshireSaddler - absolutely agree. But surely this can’t go unchecked ? Both need to happen in my opinion.

A more visceral display of anger - and a coordinated attempt for actual change.

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I’m up for it too, we have let them all get away with it for to long - and at least the ‘press’ pick up on vocal protests



The footballing side of our club has been a poor relation compared to the commercial side for a number of years now. Occasionally we’ll get a year of optimism (Smith’s playoff year) but it’s surrounded by years of stagnant regressive football.

I’m all for actions to make the club stand up and take notice in terms of the footballing side of things, but the pessimist in me feels all we’ll see is a further reduction in the playing budget.

The commercial side of our club continues to thrive and I can’t help but think that a reduction in revenue from the commercial side would get more attention from Jeffrey and the board. Clearly this is a lot harder for us fans to have an effect on as I’d imagine the majority of people who attend events at the ground aren’t Walsall fans.

It just feels that as fans we are currently in a very weak position to have any effect on the club whatsoever. I’m not saying I have any new ideas on how we could act to produce the biggest reaction from the club, but it’s going to take something big and outside the box for them to care about changing the football side of the club.



I agree with you entirely bud. Sadly the only thing that will draw pressure and an unpleasant spot light will be the further demise of our club into none league. That will be, in my opinion, the only way Mr Bonser will find himself in an untenable position and actively look for buyer with genuine motivation. :anguished: