Proudest moment


Listen to that roar at 21:12 when we made it 2-2, that was my proudest moment ever !
Whats yours ?


90 minutes away from Europe!!!


Bloody fantastic night. Up there with the play off final in Cardiff


That was one of them, also when we beat arsenal at their ground in 83, and even though i was older i think i cried at the millenium :sob:


The Anfield game was amazing, but if at the Pearly Gates I was asked to choose two minutes of football to re-live,then it would be going from 2-1 down to 3-2 up in extra time at Cardiff.


I’ll never forget the 4-4 at Watford either. Surreal night. We were 2-0 up before we even got in. The coach driver was too busy stopping to eat on the way.


Listened to this game on the radio. I was 12 at the time. What a team we had then; going toe-to-toe with a Liverpool team that would be crowned Champions of Europe just a few months later.
Was Buckleys team the originator of the high pressing game that is de rigueur today??

Proudest moment as a Walsall fan? Seeing my dad walk around the pitch at Fellows Park with some of his old team mates at the centenary match, Walsall v. Doncaster Rovers on April 9th, 1988 (it was also the first time I’d ever sat at the footy!).

For pure emotional tension then Cardiff is hard to beat.


Arsenal,Liverpool and Cardiff were all wonderful. I was privileged to be at them all…lets hope we are entering a new era where we can make history in similar games. It won’t be easy as the rich are now much richer but if we reach the Championship again it will be “up there” with those great games.


Sorry PP if i have missed an earlier thread but who was your Dad ?


you are not the only one lol i was wondering that? :wink:


There must be games over the last 10 or 20 years that the younger fans can relate to and share their experiences, maybe even more recent !
How about…
Swindon (a)
Bury (a)
WBA (h)
Wolves (a)
Macclesfield (a)
even Northampton (h) a few weeks ago.

Everyones got a story in them !

C’mon share your memories.



This also ranks highly in my proudest moments,
A Night with Alan Buckley @ the White Horse on Green Lane.

Watch it on YOUTUBE over two parts, great night.


My dad is Trevor Foster. He was at WFC between 1956 (as an amateur) until 1965. His career was plagued by injuries but he did manage to score 12 goals in 63 games for the Saddlers. After Walsall he went into non-league.


Walsall 0-0 Preston - being able to sing ‘Que sera sera’ and know at last we’d made it to Wembley. Then walking up towards Wembley. As well as those mentioned above that I made it to.


Loved the all day experience and the atmosphere as we walked up Wembley way, pity it all went wrong when the game kicked off but nobody would have beaten Bristol City that day. I had waited nearly 60 years for that day and a silly little thing like the result was never going to dampen my spirit. If it had been for a play off then it would have been different.


Thanks for that PP, sadly he had finished playing before i started going but you must have been so proud to see “Your Dad” doing a lap of honour. I would certainly have been there that night in 1988 and i would have undoubtedly applauded him for his service to our club. Thank you for sharing that…UTS


Us older fans have a much wider choice than the youngsters, way back when we used to regularly have what is known as a cup run playing many premier teams ( then known as division 1 ) Arsenal Liverpool Newcastle and my favorite Man United beating them at Fellows Park.
Given all the great games seen over the years my best is the Cardiff game underdogs just going to make up the numbers vastly outnumbered by their fans and coming from behind to win.


Can perfectly understand that but because we are the older fans i have fond memories of how cold that cup run was, snow and ice on the terraces at Rotherham, and the pitch frozen !
I don’t want to sound like a comedy sketch but that really was proper football at the time because we knew nothing else. I remember playing Wolves and Man City at home where they would clear the snow of the white lines and just get on with it, that was football and we knew no diffferent ! People of my age will remember going to The Baseball ground, how the hell was they allowed to play in that, they just got on with it.


I remember your dad well…he was a slightly built forward who Bill Moore put on a steak diet to build him up!! I think he went to Joseph Leckie School…I was there a few years after…indeed I think he was in the school team when I was a first or second year.


Yes, brings back some memories. I remember having the coach windows put in on the way out of Liverpool. Enjoyed that match as much as Cardiff.