Proudest moment


Further to what I said previously, another proudest moment, April 18, 1989, Watford 5-0 Walsall. Just 3 days after Hillsborough. I worked with a Tranmere fan who asked if I was going to the match. He knew a friend of a friend who’d died at Sheffield. He stood with me in the Rookery end in his Tranmere colours and was amazed at how many of my fellow Saddlers, maybe some of you who post on this forum, came up to him and spoke with him, sympathising and consoling and welcoming him as one of our own. Then when we spontaneiously started singing the Liverpool anthem, he was choked up. When we got back from the match he thanked me and said if he hadn’t gone he’d have given up on football, but that the Walsall fans had restored his faith in football again. The game and result were immaterial that night, from memory that was the day we were mathematically relegated, but I felt proud of what we as Walsall fans had acheived for my colleague. He was at Fellows Park with me just over a year later as we beat Tranmere 2-1, as we were relgated again.


I well remember Trevor, working at Walsall Airport and if memories serves me correctly he was also in receipt of the Guinness and Steak diet to build him up.


People often mention Cardiff. Cardiff was a terrific day, but that season hopes had been raised by our previous stint in the Championship, we had a cracking side and unified club.

The proudest I have ever been is when we beat Oldham, the culmination of an unbelievable, totally unexpected and magical season. We were in a complete mess when Sir Ray came in, a mess that made Jon Whitney’s effort look an easy ride! A sellout crowd that sang from start to finish and I haven’t heard a roar like the one that greeted Siggi’s goal at Bescot since.

I remember standing on the pitch at the end as it cleared just completely unable to wipe the stupid grin off my face. I think the feelings created by going from zero expectation to promotion are hard to recreate, something glory hunters will never experience.


One of my earliest memories supporting Walsall that game was. Don’t remember much of the game but will never forget being on my dads shoulders on the pitch. That match is literally where my love of Walsall began. Magical.


Agree with that, Pinno. A few weeks later, they thrashed us… 8 - 1 or 8 - 2 wasn’t it? :open_mouth:


For me it must be back to 7th January 1975 when we took on and beat the high and mighty Man United in the 3rd round re-play. We took the lead with a goal from Bernie the Bold Wright only to be pulled back, at 90 mins 1-1 extra time 2 from “Alan Buckley” gave us the game. Wow what a night bragging rights for one hell of a long time after that night way up with the Arsenal victory’s of 1933 and 1983. We could do with one of those results and may be this season you never know even a cup run… I think the tickets for the Man U game was about 50p ten bob in old money…UTS


That’s mine too aged 9 got there when the gate opened with my dad so we could get into our usual position at the front of the cowshed leaning on the wall. The only team for me ever since. The Newcastle game was something special as well.


Sadly it was.


That’s another thing that has disappeared with all seaters. The getting there early to get your spot. For big games, especially evening ones there was something special about being there early and watching the crowd and hearing the noise grow.

The middle of the back of the street end would sometimes be wedged a good half an hour before kickoff.

“Bring on the champions”


Saddlers 3 Villa 0 , in front of 19000 takes some beating.

Think I was present in our top half dozen home attendances…Newcastle x2, Villa , Sunderland , Fulham and the others .

Imagine that kids , 20000 plus for league games.