Pubs in northampton

Just planning for northampton away, just wondering, what pub will walsall fans be going too and what time ish will saddler fans be in northampton for? or will most just drink in walsall then make their way to northampton for 2ish?


There’s not many decent ones near the ground. There is a bar at the ground that shows the early kick offs that let away fans in last time I went but other than that is was hungry horses and TGIs.

I’ll probably stick to the town centre before kick off.

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I love it when we get to the most important subjects :grinning::pray:t3::beer:


Think our train gets into Northampton just after 12 so imagine we’ll stick around the town centre and then head up to the ground in enough time to miss the start as ever. :slight_smile:

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Might do that myself, but not familar with the pubs in northampton so may play it safe and just go to northampton for 130ish

This sounds like a good excuse for Geordie to resume the away game pub guides he used to do. There aren’t many grounds and their associated hostelries (and toilet facilities!) that Dave hasn’t been to … :beer::beer::beer::crazy_face:

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Let’s be honest its not the greatest day out, especially with the out of town ground. My pick of the mediocrity near the ground has always been the Walter Tull, as they do a couple of strong lagers and a bit of real ale, plus you can usually get in which helps!

If you’re coming in by car The Turnpike has been spoiled a bit, used to be a good stop off boozer but now its a Premier Inn diner, all onion rings and ice-cream, although it does have an excellent beer garden if its a nice day. If you want something quiet, civilised with ale and traditional scran a better bet is to carry on up the left turn by The Turnpike and head into the village of Harpole, where there are two decent traditional pubs, The Bull on High St, and just a bit further up one called the Live and Let Live.

I’ll be having my pre-match beer mainly in London before heading over (as on the train). The Thomas A Beckett is probably the only pub on the way if you walk it from the station, pretty good pub so long as the rugby team isn’t playing in which case its impossible to get in.

Town centre pubs involve walking in the opposite direction of the ground out of the station, and then probably back to the staion to get a taxi. The Market/shopping centre area has the pick with The Old Bank, Market Tavern, and a Spoons/LLoyds no 1 all within 5 minutes of each other.


What did I tell you!! :nerd_face:

Hated the last trip so much I won’t be bothering going on opening day.

Got there at 1pm off the train so no issue from public transport. Then waited about 20 minutes for the apparent regular 5 minute bus to town centre (should’ve walked). Bus then did a weird loop round the high street (not stopping despite pressing the buzzer), went in and out of bus station and then stopped on the high street again so wasted another 15 minutes as queued to acutally get into the bus station even though it didn’t have a stop there.

Went into Fox and Quill. Not a bad looking pub at all, service was shocking. Staff must’ve clocked I wasn’t a regular as I kept getting bypassed at bar by old blokes strolling up and ordering rounds. Eventually order was taken…then 10 minutes later I was informed they weren’t doing the burger I’d order.

At this point it’s 2.15pm. Went down road to more dinghy and half empty Old Bank. Ordered and was told food would be promply made in 10/15 minutes…half an hour later…

Eventually a bus rolled up at 3pm. I thought to myself that you can see the ground from the station so at worst I miss first couple of minutes. Of course that ground is home to the rugby team…!

Such a tale of woe and could see from top of hill big screen was showing 1-1 so missed the best part of the game and should’ve just stayed and watched the rest from there like all those Coventry fans did in 13/14. Oh and it was a week before xmas and freezing.

Apart from that a bloody brilliant away day!


Proper buzzing for this one now

Bringing a few of the lads with me on this one, so wherever the Walsall fans are - get it on here!

Hoping for the usual first game of the season atmosphere

I remember opening game against Tranmere few seasons ago at home - Great atmosphere and baking heat.

Hoping for similar sort of noise

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As a seasoned pro of getting wankered at away games I’m a big fan of having a ‘pubs at ________’ thread for each away game!

We’re going by train and get to Northampton at half 10, straight to Wetherspoons for a bit of breakfast and some lagers before going to some ‘proper’ pubs hopefully later when they open. Will just arrange for a taxi or two to get us from wherever we end up as there’s ■■■■ all around the ground worth getting there early for.

See you all there👍


more or less the same plan as mine! and yeah im also a big fan of these threads haha

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Was just about to message you @DanG_WFC seeing where you was going. See you there pal.

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For what its worth an Uber is £6.00 from the centre (train station, pubs etc) to the ground


Yeah, well that’s the plan so far anyway! Don’t fancy sitting in a Wetherspoons all afternoon. Uber prices should be helpful, cheers!

No doubt surge pricing will kick in before the game!

Anyone know how many tickets we’ve sold? We only had 468 in the first allocation and I’ve heard nothing since… it’d be poor if we don’t sell that many in advance.

Just over 700 according to website


I just hope its a Graydon at Gillingham, Dosh at Rochdale type away day. I think we’re due one.

I’ll certainly take a Brett Angel hat trick.
Loved that Day at Northampton with Sir Ray at the helm.

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